Volume 2 Issue 66 | September 26, 2009 |


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Editor's Note

On Holiday

One of the few things that are worse than the first day of the week is the first day back from an extended holiday. Getting ourselves back in to our daily rituals, after the merry abandon of the holidays, can be quite a task. Some would argue that it is unrealistic to expect that we will be able to seamlessly take back up the yoke of production, after moving from completely unstructured to stringently structured time, and the resultant jet lag. What we need is a detox period, some time to build our tempo back up to its pre-holiday highs. What we need are holidays to recover from our holidays. But we don't seem to be getting what we need. And inevitably, we all seem to be able to manage.

This week our feature story gives you a behind the scene sneak-peak at the Celebrating Life judging panels, and we also reveal to you the date of grand finale. Journey Through Bangladesh brings you an article on one of Bangla's literary greats. Also in this issue is a cool little comic on life in Dhaka during the Eid-rush. And lastly, how much do you about pins and needles?

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