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Guru Griho

From Jhenidah

Salimunnessa Secondry Pilot Girls' School

Every educational institute no doubt plays a defining role in the lives of its students. There are many educational institutes all over the country that have earned reputation of a school that is able to mould its students for the better. Salimunnessa Pilot Girls' is one such school.

56 years ago Abu Bakar Malita founded this school at Foila under Kaliganj municipality in Jhenidah. Originally, the school bore a different name, but was later renamed Salimunnessa Girls's school.

This school stands on an acre land, and the compound has number of buildings, school playground, and a good spattering of trees. The school is situated in the heart of Kalioganj town. The Chitra river flows by the side of the school. Among the regional secondary girls schools, Salimunnessa Girls Pilot School performs well in many fields, such as the SSC exam results, the junior scholarship exam, cub scout and vocational training. There has hardly been a year when students from this school have not secured places in public exams under the Jessore board. These meritorious students have gone on to serve the nation in different ways. Since its inception, the school has produced many students who have gone on to become eminent scholars. Among its brightest alumni in the recent years are Mela, a medical officer, Hira, a women affairs official, Atoshi, a medical officer and Selina a judge working in Kushtia.

This year 79% of the school's examinees passed the SSC examination. Two students obtained GPA 5 and 16 students secured junior scholarships. Besides its outstanding academic results, Salimunnessa pilot girls's school also fosters an environment where the students can engage in exciting extra curricular activities. The school has won several championships in handball in the interschool district and divisions' levels.

The school publishes a literary magazine once every three years. It gives the students a platform to showcase their creativity as well as provide encouragement for some to try their hands at something new.

This school was declared to be nationalized by Begum Khaleda Zia in 1992, but regrettably, the government is yet to take necessary actions.

The headmasters the school has had throughout the year's deserve recognition for their contributions towards the school, and society as whole.

The first headmaster of the school was late Akbor Ali, Kiron Chandra and Rokeya begum. Md. Nasim Uddin is presently the headmaster.