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Editor's Note

Famous Places

Mainamati is a site most of us know about and have visited at some point. Not too far from Dhaka, this archaeological site with its accompanying museum holds a lot of objects of great interest. Your angle might be architecture, or it might be religious iconography or it might be anthropology. There is a lot to be found in this place which has for a long time been a sort of symbol of 'dug up' things in our country. Our cover story takes you back on a trip to this familiar site and updates you on what's going on in the collections there and reminds of what you might have seen before. Because of the less-than-desirable standards in maintenance, the site isn't exactly humming with tourists. The revenue that the museum pulls in is not much if you consider that this is one of the most iconic ancient sites of the nation. But there is a lot here, and it is worth revisiting.

Another iconic place of the country is Bogra's Mohasthangor. One of the stories inside describes a festival that takes place there. There is no central organisation to this gathering, but somehow it keeps taking place on the last Thursday of every Boishakh. People visit the shrines, and then get into the festivities in every possible way. To give you an idea of the turnout, one kotkoti proprietor says, the local vendors will be making 2,00,000 kg of kotkoti, demand is so high. That sounds pretty sweet.

Abak Hussain
From the Insight Desk

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