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Guru Griho

From Pabna

Labour, Reading, Writing

Ahmed Humayun Kabir Topu

THEY are all the day labourers but they are getting an education. At least 30 day labourers, all illiterate, are hoping to get a little more literate. This initiative did not come from the government or any NGO but two young guys of the village who decided to try to help the poorest labourers. This exceptional initiative in teaching started at the village of Bohorampur in Nimaichara union under Chatmohar upazila.

Md. Bodruzzaman and Husne Zaman Shahin, both educated young men of the village are teaching 30 of the poorest labourers who have had no education whatsoever. They both maintain a night school with their personal initiative. This school is located in Bohorampur village, 20 kilometers from upazila headquarter. There is no easy way of conveyance.

Husne Zaman Sahin is a graduate and a mobile technician. He works for mobile servicing in the village. Meanwhile Bodruzzaman himself passed his SSC this year. These two youngsters said they started their night school just 3 months ago. They are hopeful that they will expand this programme.

“As an educated man I have a responsibility towards society. So we started teaching in our locality. Without any interest of our own we started this programme to educate the poorest of the village. We know this is a small programme but we are hopeful of expanding it,” said Husne Zaman Shahin, the teacher of the night school.

In the survey it was learnt that the poorest day labourers were all middle aged men and they were running to Bohrampur Primary school premises. The two dedicated young teachers were holding these sessions in one of the rooms of this school. Reading is done with candle light. Villagers call the school Shandha Pradip. Classes take place from 8pm to 11pm every night.

Hasinur Rahman, Sajedul Islam, Rafiqul Islam, Nifaz Uddin are all the day labourers. They are all illiterate. They all work out in the field with the sweat of their brow. They never knew it was possible that they would get literate some day.

“We never imagined that we would get the scope for study as we didn't have the chance when we were young. But this dream came true. Now we are learning how to read and how to write. Like me, many of the poorest people of this village are getting an education in this evening school,” he said.

Not only are they getting the education they missed in their boyhood, they are also getting entertainment in their night school, they said. Shahin said they were trying to expand their programme. This would require a little more support from others.

Shahin said educated young people have a responsibility to come forward and do something for those that haven't had that privilege. If we all take such initiatives then illiteracy might go away some day. Bodruzzaman and Shahin are really popular in their area for what they have done.


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