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Journey through Bangladesh

From Faridpur

The Killings at Faridpur Sree Angayan

Rezaul Karim

Sridham Sree Angayan, a temple of Jagath Bandhu Sundar and a sacred place for his followers still bears the wounds of brutality committed by the Pak army in 1971.

The Pakistani occupational forces along with local collaborators of Faridpur attacked the Sree Angayan and killed eight innocent sadhus (devotees) by gunfire after making them stand in line on 21st April, 1971.

The army entered Faridpur during the day and attacked Sree Angayan in the evening.

At the time fourteen devotees were in meditation (in the Mahanam Jop) at Sree Angayan. Sensing the entrance of the military force some of them went into hiding. Eight of them were made to stand in line under a tree. These men were then shot in no particular order. The worshippers that died that day are Andho Kanai Bondhu Brahmachari, Goura Bondhu Brahmachari, Nidan Bondhu Brahmachari, Rabidas Brahamachari, Bandhudas Brahmachari, Chiro Bandhu Brahmachari, Kittonbrata Brahmachari, and Khiti Bandhu Brahmachari.

The Sree Angayan authorities laid down eight foundation stones in memory of the eight devotees after Liberation. Everyday visitors from different parts of the country as well as the followers of Probhu Jagot Bandhu Sundar come to visit Sree Angayan and bow down their heads in honour of the martyrs who laid down their lives in the country's war of independence.

Hari Priya Brahmachari, a witness of that massacre said the memory of that day was still painful. “I lost all my companions that day. Luckily I am still alive. They killed the Sadhus who were engaged in prayer, I hid myself inside a hole in the ground. Every day, many visitors come here and express their horror at the events of that day.”


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