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Editor's Note

One on One

Wrestling has had a rich tradition is many times and places. Present-day Chittagong is one of them. There's not much that is unique about the ritual really- two men pit their brawn against one another until a victor emerges. Our cover story is a photo feature on this event. The fights are one on one, no weapons, and no dirty tricks. From the elaborate battles staged in the Roman Colosseum to the modern day “Jabbarer Boli Khela”, violence always has an audience. This audience is usually hungry for action, and for concrete images. They want clear outcomes; they hate it when there is a draw. They want, from a safe distance, to do something about their violent impulses that their civilised selves have convinced them they don't have.

From macho spectacle to caring for the handicapped: there is a story on a school in Pabna that educates mentally and physically handicapped individuals of all ages according to their learning ability. While our impulses to fight cannot be denied, neither can our impulses to care for and nurture those who are at a disadvantage. Neither of these activities is necessarily done with rewards in mind, but it usually turns out that they do.

Abak Hussain
From the Insight Desk

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