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Seasons of celebrations are just around the corner. Weddings, parties, family get-togethers -- one occasion after another will be knocking at your doors over the next few months. During this festive season, Anokhi brings in a taste of freshness in ladies' outfit with its unique cuts and patterns in solid colours and printed fabrics.

Anokhi will make the wearer look gorgeous in its colourful yet elegant offerings enriched with sequin, stones and bead works.

If you would like to catch the eyes of others on your very special occasion, come and make an appointment today for your personalised outfit.

House 13, Road 108, Gulshan 2, behind Wonderland Park, Dhaka. Tel: 9841399

Que Bella

With wedding bells the overwhelming sound of the times, beauty salon Que Bella offers prospective brides and their entourage exclusive and attractive Bridal makeover packages with lots of discounts on pre-wedding services. To learn more about their offers call 9114123(Dhanmondi Branch), 01923333000 (Baridhara Branch).



Mainland China unveils new menu

Dhaka's authentic Chinese food restaurant Mainland China has announced an enticing new menu to endear itself further to the city's food lovers.

The new additions to the already ample menu includes such fresh delicacies as Spicy Duck in Hot Pot and Maoshi Chicken, which will be served at Mainland China for the first time. Other new comers include such taste tantalisers as Dimsums in vegetable and non-vegetable platters, Pan Fried Lamb and Chive Dumplings as well as the healthy and tasty soup Burnt Garlic Clear Soup.

Shoring up the appetisers are culinary delights such as Wok Tossed Chicken Hunan Style and Steamed Fish with Pixiang Bean Sauce, and there will be exotic main course items like Stir Fried Chilli and Garlic Prawns with Eggwhite, Exotic Vegetables in Maoshi Sauce in a Clay Pot, Spicy Fish in a Hot Pot, and Maoshi Chicken in a Clay Pot.

The new menu was unveiled in Mainland China's Uttara premises on November 7. Chef Indraneel Bhattacharya announced the new menu, while Syed Shahid Ahmed, Managing Director of Mainland China Bangladesh was present on the occasion.


Bangladeshi Wedding

A few days back, wedding photography was considered one of the less important aspects of a wedding ceremony. These days however, young couples are beginning to understand the importance of documenting the most precious day of their lives. After all, 40 years down the road it is not the gourmet spread or the dazzling decor that will tell the tale of their wedding day but the images captured by the professional photographers.

In this regard organisations like Bangladeshi Wedding -- a two-man professional team who specialise in wedding photography -- can help. Their unique approach of blending photojournalism with posed photography ensures innovative and artistic imagery that ensures candid moments as well as a detailed photo shoot.

Sadat Mainuddin, the photographer and chief editor said, “Before the start of the programme, we try to understand our client thoroughly and improvise our shooting style as per their needs. This ensures that our clients can get the most out of it. Our unique approach ensures proper documentation of the emotions and colours of the programme in a discreet manner. We also make sure that we do not miss any particular part of the event, which is why we are always two people covering every event.”

According to Shamrat Hasan, “The best quality equipment is very important for wedding photographers since they often have to work in poorly-lit locations. Hence we use equipment that is highly professional. We also carry several professional lights to create a dramatic environment.”

Their customers seem to love their photos. And why not? The entire photo album that the Bangladeshi Wedding Photography team provides is a work of art that tells the story of an entire wedding.

As per the photographers Bangladeshi Wedding currently provides six packages made just to satisfy customer needs. Customers can also tailor their own packages which gives them unbound freedom.

Bangladeshi Wedding also provides cinematography service in exclusively HD quality video coverage. “Like in photography, our professional cinematographers can bring the best out of your wedding day. They are well trained and highly professional with in-depth knowledge of their work”.

You can reach the Bangladeshi Wedding team through the following numbers: 0176095000 (Sadat) and 01711503830 (Shamrat), or email to: sadatmainuddin@gmail.com. You can also visit their facebook page at www.facebook.com/BangladeshiWedding or their website www. bangladeshiwedding.com.

LS Desk


Winter-wear care

Dark cloudy skies teamed with intermittent drizzling in November is ushering in winter earlier than one would like, before the general population could bring out the wools and coats and jackets tucked into suitcases, wrapped around with old saris and bed covers and stuffed on top of the almost-ceiling-high wardrobe.

Since winter-wear is starkly different from our spring, summer and autumn clothes they need to be cared for differently as well. To assure your winter clothing lasts longer, feels great and smells fresh stick by a few rules when it comes to laundering them.

Check the label first. If it says that you can machine wash it, for best results and to keep it from becoming scratchy, use a perfume and dye-free detergent. Add a towel or two into the washer; this will help absorb the great amount of moisture wool can hold. Always wash wool on the gentle cycle. Lay woolen items flat to dry. Avoid drying your winter clothes, especially sweaters, in a dryer. Instead, roll them in heavy towels for five minutes and squeeze out the excess water.

After getting rid of the excess water, dry the winter clothes in shade. Turn them upside down when they are under the shade. Do not dry them under direct sunlight, as it may fade the colour of the fabric.

Although many people don't consider cleaning their winter scarves more than once a season this garment is continually exposed to perspiration or make-up. Anything closer to the body needs to be cleaned more. Consider hand-washing your wool scarf once a month to keep it in tip-top shape. Or bring your scarf to a dry cleaner if it is made out of more delicate material.

Gloves and mittens
Leather gloves are more durable than fabric gloves and can usually be wiped clean with a damp cloth when dirty. But you can also send leather gloves to a dry cleaner for a cleaning once a season to eliminate stains and dirt if you are really up for it. If your gloves and mittens are knitted, fill a sink with cold water and add a gentle hand washing cleanser. Work the detergent through with your hands for a few minutes. Drain the sink and rinse in cold water. Wrap the items gently in a towel to remove excess water, then lay flat to dry.

If your outerwear is made from wool, take a fabric brush to it and stroke it for several minutes wherever the wool looks dull, worn, or dirty. This is often a good way to perk it up between trips to the cleaners. If it is made of another material, try spot cleaning (in an inconspicuous place first). The most likely areas to become dirty are the collars, cuffs, and around the button holes. A good scrubbing of these areas is likely to make it look much better. Just be sure you have another jacket ready to wear before this type of cleaning, as it may take a couple of days for it to dry. Wet cuffs and collars are not pleasant!

If your jacket or coat is machine-washable, turn it inside out to protect the exterior as much as possible from the harshness inflicted upon it by the machine. However, you should still allow it to air-dry as the heat from the drier can destroy the lining.

The frequency with which you clean your winter coat depends on your daily environment. If you work in a busy city area, consider cleaning your coat once a month. Dust and dirt particles can get into the weave of the coat and will wear the fabric down like sandpaper. Otherwise clean your coat twice a season - once at the beginning and once at the end of winter.

Prevent Fading by washing like colours together. Even dark clothes that have been worn a number of times can transfer colours to lighter ones, and you can easily end up with grey socks that were once white.

By Karishma Ameen


Come winter

Time for the yearly fashion overhaul -- winter is here and you need to push the bright summer clothes and bags at the back of the closet and bring out the winter wears in softer colours. Tried and tested yesterday -- the winter sky is already dark and gloomy; do not make it gloomier still by going back to only the blacks and browns of past winters. Stock up on some pastel cardigans, soft-coloured sweaters and jackets.


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