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Main street charms of Annapolis

Autumn's cool, crisp breeze and scents of dried leaves made us plan a trip to waterfront Annapolis, state capital of Maryland. Annapolis is known as the “Sailing Capital” of the United States -- a historic town that has a charm of its own. In this seaport town, if you are taking a half day or a day trip Trolley tours, horse-drawn carriage tours, Ghost tours, etc. are available for sight-seeing.

Different types of Cruises on the bay, like Scenic Severn River Cruise and Pirates of the Chesapeake are two of the many listed tours (we saved the cruise for the next trip). Annapolis is also a walker-friendly place. To have a glimpse of the city, we decided to take a 60-minute tour of historic Annapolis by Trolley and bought tickets from Annapolis Visitor Center.

We parked the car at the Visitor Center parking deck. Annapolis Visitor Center is located in West Street and the tour started from here. The weather was beautiful with the sun shining; tourists were to be found in huge numbers. The red Trolley took on tours of Maryland State House, Governor's Residence, Colonial Mansions, Charles Carroll House, U.S. Naval Academy (exterior), St. John's College, William Paca House and Garden (exterior), World War II Memorial, City Dock and One stop at the Overlook.

The trolley driver introduced himself as the tour guide and was proudly showing the Governor's Residence as we passed by it. Annapolis's proud skyline also represented the largest wooden dome of Maryland State House. It is the oldest state Capitol in continuous legislative use.

The impressive exterior wall of Naval Academy portrayed the strength of the institution. Charles Carroll House at 107 Duke of Gloucester Street overlooking the bay had a great view. Charles Carroll of Carrollton, one of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence, was born here and lived here till 1821. Late in the afternoon, we walked all the way to Charles Carroll House to enjoy the magnificent water-front sitting on the lush green grass.

Most streets lead to the City Dock, where the harbor boasts every type of sailing boats, cruise ships, schooners and water taxis. The City Dock was humming with people as the Annual U.S. Sailboat Show was scheduled on that weekend. Visitors and locals alike were flocking to the waterway to ogle the luxurious vessels. A stop at Overlook gave an eye-catching view of the town with a magnificent bird's eye view of the Maryland State House.

The self-guided walking tour helped us to explore Maryland's rich history, old stories knocking at every corner. The charm of Main Street and its surrounding streets are hard to describe. Main Street ended at the City Dock. The colourful fluttering sails filled the dockyard. Cruise ships of different touring companies boarded people and people were standing on queue at the different counters to buy last minute tickets. Boats, schooners and taxis were all lined up at the docks. The streets that lead to the City Dock were filled with picturesque architectures, art galleries, elegant boutiques and savoury restaurants and were lined on both sides of the street.

My husband and I strolled every corner, pausing at every window display. McBride Gallery located at Main Street became our next stop. McBride Gallery is Annapolis's largest art gallery housed in a historical colonial home. It has a collection of original paintings, sculptures, and graphics spreading over several rooms.

After walking several blocks from the Visitor Center, our thirst for travelling needed a small intermission. The aroma of different kinds of food made us wonder which cuisine to pick.

“El Toro Bravo” spotted at 50 West Street, served Mexican cuisine and turned out to be the choice of the day. We found the restaurant bright and mural-filled. We ordered Fajitas and had our late lunch. From the wide-glass windows of the restaurant, we were enjoying the view. The children were walking with their parents and enjoying their ice-creams. Some elderly couples were also enjoying late afternoon strolls with their grandchildren.

One could feel the crisp breeze coming from the bay as the day proceeded. My husband and I planned to stop at the Historic Annapolis Museum, as museums of any nature have always been a big part of our tours.

The museum represents the rich and three-century history of Annapolis. Historical Museum was another stop on the Trolley Tour and people assembled there for the next trip. “Annapolis Ice Cream Company” located at Main Street, voted “Best of Annapolis” for six straight years, was buzzing with people of different age groups. Ice-cream cups in hand, we leisurely walked back to the Visitor Center Parking Deck.

As Annapolis is a famous seaport town, leaving the city without taking a cruise would have made our trip incomplete. This adventure, however, was saved for our next trip. Soon!

By Aeman T Rasul


An obituary to the knight in shining armour

The last vestiges of Chivalry have vanished. The final heir to King Arthur has bit the dust. Today, we are extremely sad to declare that the last King Charming has passed away. The Knights of the Round Table left behind no more genes for us to replicate and repopulate the Earth with. The last of them have gone and left the Earth forever.

As the final ember dies and only ashes remain of the much romanticised knightly qualities, let us all observe a moment of silence. The question arises, what epidemic was it exactly, that wiped an entire species off the earth. What horrible disease was it? A shocking revelation awaits men; it wasn't a disease but rather the pursuit of liberty.

A certain liberation movement led to the rapid demise of traits once championed and desired widely. Unfortunately, the need to match equally with those in possession of the traits ignited a silent war waged by both sides. Ironically, the side that enforced the mentality of knights was the one to shoot first. They buried what they had unknowingly created and in turn were now slowly turning to regret.

The Knightly Traits were once embedded in all men. However, like rays that kill cancerous cells, the liberation movement we speak of slowly destroyed the traits under discussion. Observe the damage that it has done to you. When have you last held a door open for a fairer sex, without the slightest twinge of doubt? When have you last stepped up to defend a beautiful visage, without fearing a lash back arising from the fact that your actions speak of your opinion that the person needs protection and is helpless?

When have you gone out of your way to carry the bag of the opposite sex or given up your bus seat willingly and not because it's your duty or something? The answers to these questions will shock you. To treat a lady like a lady is now akin to telling her that she is useless without your presence. Although, we never thought such.

And then, at the end of all the hullabaloo, you hear them complaining about chivalry being dead. The murderer bemoans the death of his victim and the victim suddenly finds himself at fault. Even with everyone buzzing about equality, a certain segment that championed this movement, believe themselves rightful owners of certain concessions that we must make, like giving up the last seat on the bus for example.

A thank you cannot be expected for an action that is a must, apparently. A battle dedicated to someone's beauty isn't gallant anymore but rather foolish and uncouth. A compliment is harassment and sweet words are a question mark on your masculinity. Lastly, the slightest act, such as carrying someone else's bag, can be perceived as a signal for male dominance.

And yet, despite all that, they complain that Chivalry in modern men is dead. At least let us try? Fortunately, there are amongst us true ladies, who command respect and awe. And there are men amongst us who personify the beasts we used to vanquish in our gallant ways in yesteryears. Liberty is a sweet thing but too much of it yields bad results. As we lay The Knight in Shining Armour to rest today, let us hope a phoenix rises from his ashes and brings back the golden days we all secretly yearn for. Peace be upon his noble soul, till then.

By Osama Rahman


By Tanziral Dilshad Ditan

Eid Mela 2012
Date: 17 to 19 July
Time: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Venue: Drik Gallery, Dhanmondi

Ramadan, Eid and shopping goes hand in hand these days and T & S has taken an initiative to make your shopping, this EId, a little less hectic by bringing together many Facebook and non-Facebook based boutiques, jewellery houses and many other stores under one roof at Drik Gallery.

The stores are bringing with them the latest designs and collections for the upcoming Eid. You will find shalwar kameez sets, men's wear, children's wear, jewellery, home décor items, homemade foods and much more at this event. T & S warmly welcomes you all to come and visit.

Exquisite lace sari exhibition by Begum
Dates: 18 to 22 July
Time: 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Venue: The Bench, Road 80, House 23, Gulshan 1

If you are planning on treating yourself to a unique sari this Eid here is a great opportunity to get that dream dress for much less than the market currently offers.

Rowshan Begum is laying out a collection of exquisite cotton and silk lace saris this July. Begum's specialty lies in the laces, which range from bobin made to handmade laces and come in unique textures and forms, designed by Begum herself. The collection also used laces originating from Europe. At this collection you will find saris within the range of Tk.7500 to Tk.15500.

Naveed's Comedy Club
Date: Thursday, 19 July
Time: 8 p.m.
Venue: House 28, Road 20, Block K, Banani

Naveed's Comedy Club presents its weekly stand-up comedy show by Yamin, Porosh and Naveed. Yamin is a former banker who rocked the comedy scene in the UK and has now returned to Dhaka (as a recession refugee) to rock this city with his wit. Porosh is a superb comedian who was selected for Mirakkel Season 6. However, he is so hilarious that his university professors feared that he would never come back from India and so he was held back and is here to make you laugh your pants off.

And finally, there's Naveed, the host of Grameenphone Presents 'The Naveed Mahbub Show' -- the man himself off of the silver screen and on the stage in 3-D. Get ready to laugh non stop for 90 minutes and get high in a non-alcoholic fashion!

For details contact: 0191 429 6455 or log onto their Facebook page -- Naveed's Comedy Club.

Allegory presents 'The Metosphere'
Date: Friday, 20 July
Time: 3 p.m. till 8 p.m.
Venue: Russian Cultural Centre, Dhanmondi

11 bands, 4½ hours of metal music in one single evening! Allegory is putting up one last show for the music lovers before Ramadan begins. It is going to be an evening of loud and proud music and loads of head banging.

“The Metosphere', featuring Mechanix, MirrorBlaze, and many more, is an opportunity for all the metal-heads to come together and revive the metal music scene, one concert at a time. The upcoming musicians will be given a platform to showcase their talent and the metal-head audience is going to be treated to the modern blend of metal music. So be there and make your presence count.

Tickets: Tk.220 per person.

UNYSAB Eid for Street Children 2012
Date: Friday, 20 July
Venue: C/O United Nations Information Centre, IDB Bhaban (8th floor), Agargaon, Dhaka

Clothes and food -- the two elements that make our Eid so special is a huge novelty to the street children around us whom we have learned to block out from our daily lives. United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh (UNYSAB) thankfully kept them in mind and just like last year they are gearing up to make the street children smile during Eid-ul-Fitr with donations of new clothes and Iftar during the month of Ramadan.

In this humble effort of the UNYSAB, they are asking you to lend a hand in any way you can, through donations of money or (if you are a student) your time. Please contact them if you'd like to donate. A little contribution of yours can bring loads of happiness to the lives of the street children.

Contact persons: Abu Obaida Imon (01717862965), Muhammad Tanjimul Islam (01195239756)


Shad Tehari

At times you don't feel like hitting up those busy commercial districts for a decent meal. Some days you just want to satisfy your appetite by strolling to some place nearby, preferably a tranquil location. A nice cosy place which serves delicious food at affordable rates is just what the doctor ordered. And if you think that sounds just about perfect, then it's time to visit Shad Tehari.

Located in the quiet neighbourhood of Lalmatia, Shad Tehari barely draws attention to itself through fancy parked cars, large neon signs or loud music. Shad Tehari's only advertising is the fragrance from its food which wafts through the air. The enticing smell of the Shikh Kebabs or Mutton boti Kebabs is enough to lure customers. But that's not where it ends.

Shad Tehari offers culinary delights from both Pakistan and India. The menu is divided into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. Three teams constantly man their stations -- one tending to all things barbequed, another looking after rice items such as the Tehari, Kacchi Biryani, Kichuri, etc. while a third deals with snacks and street food such as Muglai, Jilapi, Chotpoti, etc. There's also a delicious Faluda that one should try during those hot summer days. Although small in size, Shad Tehari has quite a reputation in Lalmatia and is a must-stop during Ramadan days for their famous iftar items.

The décor isn't much to write home about eliminating all extravagance, it exudes a very cosy feel. A family environment makes the entire process of having a quiet meal at Shad Tehari possible and indeed pleasant. One can sit outside, inside or even on an elongated patio. Open all week from 7.30 a.m. till 11 p.m., Shad Tehari is always buzzing with different groups of people.

The prices are pretty easy on your wallet with everything under Tk.200. In fact a Tk.250 meal at Shad Tehari is more than filling. Plus, for those with a sweet tooth, Shad Tehari also sells Baskin Robbins ice cream cones. So the next time the missus kicks you out of the house, head over for a much better home-cooked meal.

By Osama Rahman


Take professional courses

Those who want to pursue a career in Event Management and Interior Design, Institute of Innovative Design launches a professional event management course. Admission is open for Interior Design and Glass Décor courses.

Contact them at House 37, Road 15, Block D, Banani, Dhaka, or call 9899038, 01733969644 for details.

Top Ten Fabrics

Top Ten Fabrics and Tailors Ltd, one of the traditional clothes producer and retailer of fabrics for men has started marketing their line keeping Eid in mind.

On the occasion of the approaching Eid, this house has introduced clothes in new designs. Among the most famous branded clothes Raymond, Reed and Tailor, Monte, Soctas, Aver Face, T Suity, Century, Orbindo brought from India, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, England and China will be available in this store. These clothes are en vogue and come with attractive price tags. You may place orders right now with a view to avoiding the gathering and turbulence as Eid day nears. Men of all ages will be able to get exclusively-designed shirts, pants, blazers, suits, etc. from seven branches of “Top Ten Fabrics Ltd.”

Flagship outlet at 216 Elephant Road, Dhaka. #9671094.

Unbelievable offers @ Magic Mirror

Your trusted makeover lounge Magic Mirror presents you with the best deal ever. You can now avail a top-to-toe pamper package for only Tk.1000. This very affordable package includes a hot oil massage, a herbal facial, a manicure and a pedicure -- all that is necessary for a proper beauty treatment.

And that's not all! Magic Mirror also offers a lucrative 20 per cent discount on all facials, hair treatments and haircuts. This amazing chance will be available till 31 July, so hurry up and make an appointment now.

For appointment, please call 161 044 4555, 02 988 7281

Eid Offer from Laser Treat

For those who were putting off their pricey cosmetic surgeries, Laser Treat offers a 10 per cent Eid discount on all the popular treatments like Laser Hair Removal, Skin Toning, Body Shaping, Filler Botox and Lipolysis throughout Ramadan. All treatments are completely non-surgical and painless. For more details, drop by at House 106 (1st Floor), Road 11, Block C, Banani, or call them at 0175 001 0020, 0175 001 0030.

Exchange offer at Motorcycle Hut!

On its 8th anniversary Motorcycle Hut has introduced its Hero Honda offer. Tagged with the slogan “Puratan China dao, notun Hero Honda nao”, this offer gives you the chance to exchange your old Chinese motorcycle for a brand new Hero Honda (conditions apply).

The world's number 1 motorcycle brand, Hero Honda saves more fuel than before, leaving your pockets some breathing space for maintenance. And, to give you the taste of a more efficient bike for a change they are offering you this rare opportunity! For details, drop by at Motorcycle Hut at Block F, Lalmatia or call 9124323.

Ena la Mode's Eid offer

Ena la Mode brought out a new collection of unique shoes, sandals and bags for Eid. You can get Tk.1000 cash back on every Tk.6000 purchase at all their outlets. This offer is valid until 1 August.

Check out their showroom at level 2, Block C, Bashundhara Shopping Mall, Panthapath; Level 3, Pink City Shopping Mall in Gulshan 2; House # 2, Road 12, Sector 6, Uttara and Nasirabad Afmi Plaza in Chittagong.

Muslim Collection's new shirt line

Keeping up with the season and preference of the day, Muslim Collection launches their new line of shirts made of 100 per cent cotton. The shirts come in a range of designs and colours and have been specially tailored keeping in mind the weather prevailing in the country.

Muslim Collection's Chief Designer Muslim Ahmed spoke on the launch of the new designs, saying that these new line of 100 per cent cotton shirts were made keeping in mind the demands of the customers. “We have kept the people's preference in mind when designing these shirts and we hope they will like the final product,” he said. Muslim Collection's only outlet is located at 27 Mahbub Alam Shopping Complex, Keranigaj, Dhaka 1310. For more information, go to www.muslimcollectionbd.com.


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