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Eid fashion magazines in town

We take enormous preparations every year in our personal, family and social lives for the greatest festival in our calendar -- Eid-ul-Fitr. Publication of fashion magazines ahead of Eid is part of not only the collective social preparation but also something that affects our personal lives.

People like to go through these publications because it helps them get in touch with the latest fashion trends, good housekeeping and recipes to serve on the table on Eid day.

Ismail Hossain, a hawker supplying daily newspapers to people's doorstep in the Dhanmondi area, had this to say, "I deliver newspapers to 65 families in this area, and I got orders from at least 50 of them to deliver various Eid magazines. I have completed all the orders by 16 Roja."

Mohammad Ali works at a newspaper stand near New Market and reiterates a similar view. "There is huge demand for these fashion magazines. Primarily this is popular among students aged between 16-28 who are particularly interested in outfits and beauty care. The second group comprises businessmen, who need the information for their business purposes; and finally, these magazines are popular among a section of elderly people who do not subscribe to fashion magazines per se but go for the special literary publication of the season."

Common features that attract people are the glossy pages, attractive photographs and eye candy models and celebrities. Most of these magazines have sections on jewellery, beauty care, home decor and new recipes.

Anandadhara features an elaborate fashion section showcasing celebrities and providing tips on how you can present yourself smartly. It provides basic information like matching your purse with the attires and where to get them.

There is a separate section on fashion trends for men, gents' parlours, and chit chat with executives with some of the biggest names of local fashion -- Anjans, AB Fashion Maker, Tahu's Creations, Nipun and Shadakalo.

A special feature on singer Kona, her personal life, career and Eid ideas is something to look out for in this publication. And of course, there is a section on Beauty Tips by Farzana Shakil. This 74-page Eid Fashion Magazine is priced at Tk50.

'The Alluring Aura' -- IceToday hits the newsstand with their special Eid supplement. Its fashion sections cover local boutiques and fashion houses in depth along with all relevant addresses and contact information. Special mention has been made of accessories -- ladies bags, purses and sandals, shoes, jewellery and perfumes.

The recipe section presents an assortment of recipes from diverse lands starting from Iraq to India, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Malaysia and Turkey. Alluring Aura is priced at Tk200.

Shaptahik 2000 has been a familiar name associated with Eid fashion magazines. This year the renowned publication offers a fashion selection for men, women and children. Even a cursory glance through the magazine reveals that the latest trends of the season have been saris on muslin, half silk and silk; Embroidery is quite the rage on women's dresses and also men's panjabis. Priced at Tk100, Shaptahik 2000 Eid special is a complete fashion guide which also features relevant sections on jewellery and shoes.

If you are keen on knowing what to serve on Eid day, rather than what to wear on the occasion, the comprehensive recipe section will be to your liking.

Look, a 66-page fashion magazine is available at Tk50. Besides the usual assortment on fashion, this magazine also covers health issues relevant to Eid, information on traveling etc. The fashion section focuses on style and price of dress materials and design materials; for instance, the various laces, chumki, and jari found on the market. Executive of Andarshajja, Rumana Afzal Khan provides tips on home décor and there are other sections on recipe, price and availability of different ingredients.

Purple features Dhaka Fashion Week (DFW) 2011, and has exclusive sections on local and foreign designers. It is worth mentioning that DFW has now gone global with participants from India, France, Spain and the USA. This 50 page, gorgeous magazine is available at Tk100.

Star Fashion Eid 2011 is the regular Eid supplement of the Daily Star that focuses exclusively on fashion. Priced at Tk80 this 167-page magazine showcases various boutiques and fashion houses of Dhaka and Chittagong. Dresses for women include sari, shalwar kameez, fatuas, denim pants and tops. The men's section presents dresses like panjabis, shirts and T-shirts. Star Fashion magazine also includes fashion for children. Detailed information is provided on the contact details of the stores featured on the magazine.

By Mahtabi Zaman


Ena La Mode

Ena La Mode presents varieties of accessories in this Eid. You can find shoes, sandals and bags in bright hues and different designs for men and women of all ages. Bags are made from jamdani and chikan fabrics and shoes have been prepared from batik fabric. To serve their loyal customers a little more, they also have the option for customisation of accessories. Be sure to check Ena La Mode this Eid.

Saris of the Tagore household

Manick Banarasi Ltd has been involved in the weaving of saris for the last 30 years. Recently, celebrating the sesquicentennial birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore they have recreated saris worn by the women of the Tagore household through meticulous study of photographs. The timeless designs, once worn by fashionable elites of Kolkata can now re-surface in the Dhaka scene after almost 100 years.

Contact: Manick Banarasi Ltd. Section 10, Block A, Lane #9, House 1, Mirpur 10.


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