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Sabai Spa @ Farzana Shakil's

Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon, the country's premiere salon for women is now offering possibly the most authentic spa services in town at the Sabai Spa at their new outlet at Dhanmondi 27.

Clients walking into the spa are immediately welcomed into an ambience that invokes the exotic Kingdom of Siam, founded on the principles of exceptional service and the famed Thai sense of hospitality. The staffs, both local and foreign, are united in their endeavours to ensuring that all clients leave the spa both physically refreshed and mentally rejuvenated. Their range of therapies include, but are not limited to, foot and body massages, the world-famous Thai Massage, sauna and slimming treatments, and the signature Thai spa facial.

Whether she is there for an hour or for an entire day, every patron is certain to leave the Sabai Spa floating on cloud nine, exquisitely pampered and completely energised.

As an introductory offer, Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon is giving up to 30 percent discount on all services availed at the Sabai Spa.

Discounts of 15 to 30 percent will be provided to customers availing services worth a minimum of Tk. 3,000, Tk. 5,000 and Tk. 10,000 respectively. Apart from this, annual membership for the Sabai Spa is now available at only Tk. 20,000. Offers are valid till 15 September 2011.


P is for Princess Poem

Once upon a time, in a kingdom by the Bay,
There lived a Princess who thought she had much to say.
Alas her problem was, whenever she tried to speak
Nothing could be heard above the din her Round Table did bequeath.

First, there was the Duchess of Didudodosville
Who, of the rightful people began to speak ill.
Not wanting to share any of the fat of the land,
She decided to write them off with a wave of her hand.
When challenged how-what-where-when-why
Things went awry.
For instead of an argument valid,
She flapped, flopped and went pallid.

Meanwhile, Court Clown United Jokers Chairman Fazeel Beymani
Jealous of the attention bestowed on that Princess' chokher-moni,
Looked around and found a pile of papers which he could not read.
He decided: 'Why pay it any heed?'
To him it was a docu full of scribbles, lines most obscene.
'It must,' he shouted, 'be quickly thrust into the dustbin!'

The people, they gaped mutely.
Was he not taking his Clownly duties a bit too seriously?
The people, they turned to the Princess for answers,
But she was too busy asking her Mirror about birthright transfers.

You see, the Princess had a step-sister pretty in pink
With her own following (despite her inability to think).
And so there was constant squabbling, total hullabaloo
About who would sit on the throne of Abboo.

As a last ditch attempt, the Princess did growl:
'Oh, this is play most foul!
Princess Pink must remove her chiffon of disguise;
And I do hereby theorize…
That Princess Pink is not born on this land.
Thus must she be packed off. People, hear you my demand?!'

Oh, the people, they sighed.
Their brains felt quite fried!
Unlike their adulterated food and what not
These leaders spoke such rot.

Wha…Adulterated food, you say?
This awoke the Knight of Trade and Disarray.
He saw people groaning with stomachs dissent
And into the thick commotion, he rent:
'Eat less, I say, eat less!
That's the solution, yes, yes.'

The people stopped groaning, so surprised were they;
Had he been feeding on day-old hay?
What nonsense was this??
In him, there was certainly a brain cell amiss!

But no, that could not be the case;
Because there was no hay to be had, not even a trace.
The Knight of Rafts, Boats and Ships
Had been bailing out all the hay on his own hips.

Stopping to catch his breath by the Castle's Moat,
The guards asked him what had got his goat.
'Goat? Goat? There is no goat,' he answered.
'But if you let me pass, I'll award you for services rendered.'
'In my hay you see, I possess a magic most divine
Something that can change the form of a bovine.
What is cow today can be goat on the morrow.
So, depending on whether you chance upon friend or foe,
The speed of your cart can merrily change pace;
And I can bestow you 24000 such permits to race.'
The people stopped in their path,
Within them was bubbling up much wrath.
This madness could be tolerated no more!
Into the Princess's Castle they stormed with a roar.

'Tut tut,' she said, 'what noise you peoples do make!
Hold your peace and have some cake.
My sister Princess Pink
Has 67 pounds of it cooling by the sink.'

But the people had no more stomach for such tripe,
They gagged both Princesses, sick of their gripe;
Threw them into a dungeon dank and dark.
Never more in the land was heard a dumb remark.
Everyone celebrated with much laughter,
And they all lived happily ever after.



Apex Adelchi Footwear Limited (AAFL) is the leading manufacturer and exporter of leather footwear from Bangladesh to major shoe retailers in Europe, North America and Japan.

For the ensuing Eid-ul-Fitr 2011 Gallerie Apex has included over 300 different variations of shoes and sandals for their consumers. This collection includes 130 designs for men, 90 designs for ladies, 70 designs for children and 10 different designs in the sports category.

This Eid, Gallerie Apex is actively promoting its in-house brands as well as providing a diverse range of footwear within them. The goal is to give the brands a strong position in the market and in the consumers' minds. Some of the highlights of the Eid Collection include:

Venturini stands for exclusivity, elegance and fashion. The brand adeptly reflects the personality of upscale corporate achievers and promising young professionals of the country.

Sprint is the youth brand of Gallerie Apex. Its sporty, thrill seeking personality guarantees to perform in every step. With its lightweight construction and its trendy designs, Sprint ensures that its customers will not have chosen between performance and fashion.

Moochie is the premium women's footwear brand only for the selective high-end consumers who have a distinct elegant taste and seek exclusivity. The brand has created its own signature in sophistication and style that ensures the best fit with the unique and bold persona of its consumers.

For more offers check your nearest Apex outlet.

Dorji Bari

Keeping the coming Eid ul Fitr in mind, fashion house Dorji Bari had brought designer shirts, panjabis, t-shirts, trousers etc. People who like to play with subtle coulours for their Eid wardrobe will find the Eid Collection of Dorji Bari satisfying. The entire range of products is now available at all Dorji Bari outlets.



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