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Luxury Diva Haute Couture has been marketing glamorous party wear in Dhaka since April 2011. The launch was a sensational one with the top 15 'Veet Channel I Top Models' wearing the introductory collections for an alluring photo shoot.

Tailored in Hong Kong and Singapore, the collections are similar to the standards of international designer wear sported by celebrities worldwide.

The dresses along with fresh new shipments are now available at Diva in Pink City (Shop 3, 3rd Floor, Gulshan 2) and Diva, Plot 7/b, Road 71, Gulshan-2 ( near United Hospital).

The collections feature embroidered bustiers and long sequined evening wear in fitted, stretchable, off-shoulder, sling shoulder designs with metal and stone embellishments. The trendy silhouette of the dresses will alter you to a real head turner! The exhibition will go on till the last day of Ramadan.

For more information and pictures visit our Facebook page Luxury Diva Haute Couture or contact : 01843454669

By Ditan


In today's fashion conscious world there is a constant need to make a fashion statement. One must endlessly keep up with the ever changing fashion trends. From this burning need has originated the concept of Shimmer -- a unique ladies footwear store that aims to cater for this insatiable demand for fashionable shoes.

With its elegant and wide ranging collection, Shimmer not only aspires to exceed client expectations but also transform their fashion fantasies into reality!

To cater to this need, Shimmer has hand-picked exclusive, stylish designs mainly from India, Thailand and China. Their product range starts from flats to medium heels to exclusive bridal collections. The price range is between Tk1200 to Tk10000. They are also offering classic clutches and trendy jewellery.


Sholoana celebrated its first anniversary on 31 July, 2011. Although only a year in the fashion scene, they have already made a name for themselves with exclusivity in their designs. For their Eid collection 2011, they have embellished silk and muslin fabric with colourful patterns. If you are looking for a place to get that exclusive shalwar kameez set, sari, or panjabi for men be sure to check Sholoana.


To find an assortment of traditional attires for Eid, for men, women and children a visit to Lokoj at Aziz Supermarket is a must. Their varied collection of shalwar kameez suits, dupattas, saris and fatuas will serve as the perfect opportunity to get that attire you were looking for.



Fashion house Shopnobaj has come forth with their Eid Collection with bold, eclectic designs. Their range of tees in 50 different designs, along with novelties like T-fatua has definitely put them amongst the 'must sees' this Eid. The price range for T-shirts/T-fatuas is between Tk190-250; panjabis are available within Tk 680. Contact: Shopnobaj, 77 Aziz Supermarket (3rd floor), Shahbagh, Dhaka- 1000.


Once again we are blessed with the holy month of Ramadan. Keeping in mind that a large number of people are forced to break their fast on the road, Tang brings in a special offer. During the entire month, a “Tang Mobile Van” will be available at some of the special points of Dhaka city. Free Tang will be offered to people stuck in traffic on their way back home during the time of iftar.

There will be big signs of Tang pitchers at different points in Dhaka city which will direct you to the Mobile Van. Tang also brings in an excellent offer for everyone during this Ramadan by introducing four exceptional flavors -- Orange, Mango, Pineapple and Orange-Mango. So at home or out, have your favourite flavour of Tang everyday, this entire Ramadan.


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