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Doors dramatic

Since the earliest times of civilisation, man used hides and dry leaves as veils to cover the entrance to their cave dwellings. Some even used large stones, which were, in essence, the earliest forms of doors.

In modern times, doors are still as important. It is both the first thing a guest sees on entering the house and also the last thing when leaving. Its importance is pivotal. Doors are now used as security measures and also to create intimate spaces in the interior.

Doors vary in forms, shapes and sizes; while some are experimental, others are solid structures ensuring optimum safety. The character of entrance doors thus differs considerably from those used in the interior.

For external use, a solid door is recommended. It provides the essential security, privacy and is also weather resistant. It also serves as an elegant entrance that is dramatic yet in keeping with the house's style, character and architecture.

The doors used in the interiors were heavily decorated in the times gone by. Some individuals retain their love for such decorative doors, with intricate traditional curving, while others prefer a minimalist approach. They seek simpler designs on an economic budget. Thus, solid flash doors have become very popular for interiors.

Early doors were probably no more than vertical planks, strengthened horizontally at the back and hung on strap hinges, sometimes with nail patterns on them. The basic planked door remained the norm for ordinary house doors, back doors and service entrances. However, regional differences are apparent in their designs.

As a designer, I suggest using flash doors for interiors, but if one admires intricate designs, then that is always an option. Sometimes these designs also enrich the appeal of our homes.

While taking images of various doors, photographer Sujan travelled extensively. Some of these doors are framed within a wooden panel and some are without it. Double shutters with six panels were found to be rather popular. This is also evident in some European designs seen throughout the continent.

Use of colour is also commonly noticed. We found some interesting designs on doors, which were lovely, attractive pieces. Sujan photographed some colourful doors at Shariatpur. Two panels painted green, red and yellow looked gorgeous. Along with geometrical forms, the doors also featured floral motifs. Another door had six floral motifs painted in hues of green and red, with the words "WELCOME" written in yellow. Each of these doors bore a distinct style.

In the urban scene, colours used in entrance doors can be interpreted through natural or walnut polish. Some individuals have a weakness for white doors. Often folk patterns are used as alternative concepts.

Traditional criss-crosses with natural green and red creating a "gamcha" pattern is now very popular. For a gorgeous addition to our homes, we can easily opt for stylish, colourful pastoral doors for the entrance or the family living. For a moment, these can take us back to our roots.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeyman.interiors@gmail.com
Photo Credit: B A Sujan/Map


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