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Stepping slightly out of the box but without wishing to undermine tradition or de-emphasise the beauty of the white ek payche sari that stylistically defines Durga Puja, we at Star Lifestyle are all up for change and innovation this year. In collaboration with Farzana Shakil, we put together a collection of six different looks and more importantly six different ways to wear your sari on this vibrant and most colourful of all festivals.

Makeup, styling and wardrobe: Farzana Shakil
Photo: Arman Hossain Bappy
Model: Heera, Nawrin

Retro is and has been in for several years now so if you have not jumped on that bandwagon yet, now is a great time to do so. Opt for the fun large prints that characterised the 60s and remember that the focal point of your sari should be the hip-hugging centre that will work to flatter your curves. Team this with a slim-fitted, sleeveless blouse to recreate that unforgettable look of the yesteryears.

And of course, the unchangeable, undeniable, indispensable ek payche sari. Whatever other look you may or may not try, ek payche sari still reigns today as that which defines Bangla and resultantly, that which defines their most celebrated festival. Let your anchaal snake down your side or loop across your torso for this never-go-wrong Puja appeal.

Saris worn in a dhoti style with the aanchal draped over the shoulder from the back will lend you an interesting new look, especially in terms of our local fashion scene. Fanning out the aanchal across the front will help to make a bolder statement if it is in a dark colour or alternatively, it will create a wider display for any intricate embellishments that are usually characteristic of aanchals.

Saris worn with normal pleats but with the aanchal lying on the very edge of your shoulder in slim, neat folds from the back will also add prominence to the blouse. Because the aanchal is draped from behind and reduced to folds the width of the par, a larger expanse of the blouse can be seen encouraging rich embellishments and innovative necklines.


Circle of love

'The fitting of this ring with its unending circle
symbolizes my everlasting love for you.
The placing of this ring on your finger
is the fulfillment of my dreams,
to have you as my friend or
my love,
to live as one forever.' - Anonymous.

Gifts and objects of thoughts that speak promise and love, things that show desire, things that show how much you care are uncountable but nothing shows all of these together more than a ring.

Rings of different kinds speak different thoughts, different forms of affection, and make different promises between two people who mean the world to each other.

Rings come from different cultures, speak a variety of languages but at the end of the day they are meant to tie an unbreakable knot between two people. The ring itself is made with the purpose of not being able to end. Its circular shape defines eternity and gives a sense of 'forever'.

Most choose to show affection, whereas, some choose it as a favourite accessory to show their class and sense of style. One of the most popular rings to catch attention has more to do with than just fashion or love, they can show emotion, literally!

Mood rings enjoyed fad popularity in the 1970's and are still very popular today. The stone on the ring changes colour, supposedly according to the mood or the emotional state of the wearer. Mood rings can, apparently, tell your emotional state with any degree of accuracy. As the temperature of the body changes responding to passion, happiness or any other emotion, the crystals change their colour.

A promise ring, on the other hand is for those special promises, a reminder of the pledge in the form of a ring -- an unending circle, a visible symbol of faith. In some cases, promise rings are precursors to engagement rings while some symbolise a promise to marry and some can stand for many other kinds of vows.

Ring fashion can also be seasonal. Almost everyone in the spring and summer months looks forward to sporting a new pedicure and a flashy pair of sandals. Add in a toe ring to the ensemble and you end up with a fabulous and fun look. There is a history stating that toe rings are used as marital symbolism in some cultures and have been for a long time. There are many designs and styles available for you to choose from today than there were back then. Toe rings are available in different colours, styles and ornamental designs and are mostly made from silver and traditionally worn on the second toe.

Toe rings accentuate the best pedicures and the cutest shoes and add a fun and flirty vibe to you and your feet, which will keep everyone who sets sight on your feet smiling.

Engagement rings and wedding rings hold an immense amount of importance in a girl's life because not only do they like getting it from their special man but the rings also mark the beginning of a completely new life. With this ring, a girl accepts to begin a family and start off new.

Both wedding and engagement rings are very special items of jewellery. In fact, they are more than just jewellery; they are symbols love, commitment, fidelity, eternity and honour. Wedding bands have a history that spans many centuries and passes through many countries from around the world.

The purpose of engagement rings and wedding bands is to convey deep emotions of eternal love, eternal happiness, eternal commitment, and eternal togetherness. In fact, these rings signify eternity - between two people. A ring, of course, is a complete circle with no break and no end or beginning, which means that it just goes on and on - it is eternal.

These rings have always been one of the biggest parts of a girls life and always will be…so make sure the effort you put into buying one pays off!

But why should girls always get to wear the best of accessories and look great? Rings that are best suited for men are most definitely wide and simple rings that have plain designs. Not too flashy yet not too mundane, whether gold, silver, white gold or platinum, the simplicity of the rings bring out the class and masculinity in men.

It's rather funny how these little round metallic objects that you wear around a finger can not only make you look beautiful…but it can make you feel beautiful. Funny how it can mean the world to you, how it can tie a knot between two people. I guess, that's the wonder we call a ring!

By Naziba Basher
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Under a different sky

Orange hues

I like seeing things on an antique mode these days, with a mild orange hue. Like the photographs I once took, my vision has turned into the color of sunset, the black -- a bit brown -- and the pink -- a bit white. I see her hair and how she coloured the greying strands mild red, I want to run my fingers through them. I want to hold her at times, but most of the time I just want to watch her, figuring out how much she feels a part of me.

Some days, particularly on those when she upsets me and I crave the red wine that touches her lips, I want to disown her. “How did you turn out this way?” I ask her, loudly. She hears me I know, though she pretends to look away. But the disappointment in those eyes, and her constant search for something old inside proves that I have reached her. Me, she searches for me, I know.

When she finds me, when she actually breaks her daily fears, pretensions, superficial worries, years of dust and dreams, she tries to define me, differently every time. She stands in front of me holding a thousand questions, I giver her answers but she doesn't hear me, yet I believe she listens, because she cries. I like making her cry from time to time, to validate my non-existence.

I left her on a sunny day, there were mountains if you looked from the corner of your eyes, but all of us forgot to look. Death won over the solemn mountains, and frankly I craved the ocean much more during my last breathing moments.

That night with the excuse of brushing her teeth, she stared at the mirror a long time looking for the freshly lost me. Then she smiled, a big smile, trying to see if she had the ability to stretch her mouth that way again, if she could actually laugh, even if it's fake. “My silly girl” I thought, “of course you can smile, with or without me life will go on,” I whispered in her ears and I broke down and cried next to her while she kept on stretching her mouth trying to form different kinds of smiles, awed, mysterious, polite. Someone kept on knocking on the bathroom door asking if she was alright.

When she held my body, and kissed my forehead, a bit of my sweat touched her lips. The hospital had claimed me dead only half an hour ago, my breath still smelt like altoides, the hair on my face still continued to grow. I saw her walking out of the room and followed her down the corridor, sixteen years later I am still walking behind her trying to read her mind.

People say many things, I hear them, I don't hear them, I only wait selfishly for her to utter my name in conversations, sometimes days go by and she doesn't, and then there are days when she can't stop.

Between all her mistakes, the lines on her forehead, the cut on her chin, the cyst on her chest, the giggles and the flings, the love for things that won't last, and the things that she can't have, she often finds me, “Baba” she calls out, she forms a smile and cries at the same time. I capture the moment with my old 70s Hasselblad, as we both die a little more together.




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