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Aranya's Eid

Ranya's Eid Collection has been created from a wealth of blended fabrics in silk, endi, tussar, cotton and cotton khadi. Using traditional techniques of Kantha, Jamdani and block prints alongside Shibori, Bahaus and other processes, the coection presents an extensive range of stylish clothes to celebrate Eid. Vivid new natural dye shades of purple, pink and teal blue complete the festive effect.
Saris range from Tk550 to Tk8,000; kameez, shalwar and dupatta sets from Tk600 to Tk 6,000; men's punjabis and shirts from Tk650 to Tk2,200. Prices of scarves, dupattas and shawls range between Tk550 to Tk3,500, while skirts, blouses and jackets are from Tk450 to Tk3,500.

Project Bangladesh's flood venture

As the old saying goes, Ramadan is the season for giving. And what better way to demonstrate charity in an individual by donating generously for a worthy cause.

For that matter, what cause is more worthy than caring for the sick and unattended? Therefore, along these lines, ICCDDRB deserves more than a worthy mention for coming to the aid of the desperately sick and near dying during these disease-infested times.

Also deserving of citation are those who may not be technically qualified to provide direct medical assistance but who can help via any form of contribution. And who are these people?

None other than yourself.
The Project Bangladesh campaign, which started off some two years ago with the hugely popular red and green “Amra Bangladesh” wristbands recently donated Tk. 1 lakh 20 thousand to ICCDDRB, for the care of afflicted patients, which has peaked during this flood.

Essentially what this means is that the sum total of the contribution by every single person who purchased those bands has gone in to help care for the affected people many of whom cannot even afford treatment.

So if at any time during the past two years you purchased a band as just a fashion statement, your good deed for the day is done. Rejoice.

So now that both extremes in the three-cog chain have been commended, the mediator deserves our attention.

The “Amra Bangladesh” band was Project Bangladesh's pilot project and it was aimed at uniting Bangladeshis to address issues such as orphans, acid violence and flood devastation.

While the first two aims has been quite efficiently catered to in the past this is the first time, “We have had the chance to help the flood victims,” explains co-founder Rafaan Seraj.

“We were initially thinking of providing relief to the affected victims but then realized it would be better if our contribution could almost directly save lives. Hence we decided to contribute to ICCDDRB who are doing a fantastic job of servicing up to a thousand afflicted patients a day.”

So when he, along with other members of the Project Bangladesh organization handed over the hefty cheque to Dr. Alejandro Cravioto, the Executive Director of ICDDRB, it completed full circle for the organization and the people who had contributed to it by achieving its most essential goal: getting people to work together to help their fellow citizens in need.

And they have. As we contributed, Project Bangladesh provided and someone benefited.

If anything, for that alone you can wear your red and green a little prouder today.

By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam

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My Aarong Rewards Card

Ramadan shopping gets a fun dimension with Aarong's “My Aarong Rewards Card”, which was launched at the Grassroots Café at the Gulshan Aarong on September 11. With Eid in sight, this offer came right in time. It puts a new spin on “value-added” services for the Aarong enthusiasts around the country.

“My Aarong Rewards Card” will be available in 3 categories - Lifestyle, Gold and Platinum. Customers will be able to have a fun and exciting shopping experience as every Taka they spend at their favorite Aarong outlet will make them eligible to earn redeemable bonus points.

Iftar delights at Bithika

Elebrate with family, friends and colleagues at the Bithika Restaurant Enjoy a selection of iftar delights from traditional sweets to delicious fruits. Savour the chef's exquisite Iftar specials from Boti Kebab to Bhuna Khichuri, Morogh Pullao or Singara. The offers include Buffet Iftar at Tk. 1200 per person and traditional take-away iftar box at Tk. 900, which includes items like haleem, jilapi and many other delicious items which are also available at the Bithika Restaurant.

For iftar parties, you can also call their Banquet Team at 833 0001, 835 8060 Ext: 4221

Persona EID Bonanza

Ersona begins its countdown to Eid with a special offer called “EID Bonanza”, open to its members.

Those with memberships at Persona (Dhanmondi), Persona Adams (Dhanmondi) and Habibs@Persona (Gulshan) can avail special discounts throughout the month from the following stores: Almira, Arabian's Jewelry, Athena's, Khan Brothers, Nabila, Noboni Collections, Nogordola, O2, Rang, Shell Design, upon showing their membership cards. How's that for a fabulous Eid gift?

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