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Talking YELLOW for a change


The colour yellow denotes happiness and joy. Yellow is cheerful and bright. YELLOW is also the emerging next big brand of exclusive readymade garments in the town, the offspring of Beximco Textiles Ltd, an export division of Beximco group, which was established almost three years ago as a chain shop catering to our fashion-conscious metro dwellers.

Though Beximco Textiles is exclusively an export-oriented company, they decided to venture into the local market with a view to make available their high quality clothes to Bangladeshis at a cheaper price. Their own designers are constantly monitoring the global market trends for global brands and designer clothing. With a motto to bring the right product at the right time and of course at the right price, YELLOW has already marked its presence in our fashion scene.

Because of its fashionable and high quality products, affordable price range and sophisticated ambience, customers flocked to give YELLOW a try. It received an overwhelming response from the customers when it first opened an outlet at Bashundhara City Shopping Mall in Dhaka The garments are of the finest cotton and shaped with pure perfection to make them ultra-comfortable to wear. It is for the customer satisfaction that YELLOW has grown as a popular brand in such a short time.

A variety of garments is available at YELLOW, though the formal collection is the richest. Men's formal wear includes shirts ranging from TK 799 to 999, ultra formal wear TK 1199 to 1299 and ultra formal premium from TK 1399 to 1699 depending on the fabric and the cut. Men's semi formal trousers are available at TK 999. Executive gear for corporate women can be found between TK 1249 to 1799. Men's neckties in silk and polyester range from TK 499 to 999.

The casual wear line is also worth a look. Half sleeve men's shirts are fixed at TK 899 and full sleeves range from TK 1049 to 1099. YELLOW boasts the best Beximco Denim jeans and shirts of slick designs for men between TK 1049 to 1599. Girls can pick up the classy and trendy monochrome tops starting from Tk 599 and shirts between TK 1249 to 1799. Men's belts are of TK 349 and sandals of limited designs at TK 1200. On top of these, YELLOW also has a good collection of t-shirts, cargos and knits both for men and women.

The tremendous success of the first outlet prompted Beximco Textiles to open outlets in Gulshan and Dhanmondi to cater the growing demands of their products. Taking the Brand to international level, outlets are open in Seoul, Lahore and Karachi where YELLOW has become a fashion symbol. Beximco eventually plans to establish the brand worldwide starting from the Asian Market. With the Eid and the chilling winter coming up, YELLOW will shortly introduce a new line of products, which will include a collection of stylish blazers, complete new designs for the regular garments and much more. So watch out for the soon-to-launch fashion extravaganza at YELLOW.

By Shakhawat Imam Rajeeb
Photo: Tanvir Ahmed

Ramadan begins

On The Cover

So many a calendar page we have flipped through over the year, and we are stepping on that time again. Ramadan is on the scene in all its majesty with the City bustling with its seasonal hubbub- colours and patterns adorn store windows, and the aroma of street iftar stalls is already wafting through the air. Star Lifestyle has also dived in into the festivities, and as a token of its spirit, is going to run with a double number of pages for the month. … stay with us, and revel in the essence of Eid.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed


Stay healthy
Why is it that in spite of fasting, people tend to gain rather than lose weight during Ramadan? The answer's simple: because of the way we eat. The constant hunger during the day convinces our minds such that when it is finally time to eat, our brains are actually hungrier than our stomachs and there's no question about which of the two rules. So how do you stop gaining weight and stay healthy during Ramadan?

Pace yourself
Don't heap your plate as soon as iftar is served. Take your good sweet time and eat slowly. Twenty minutes is the least time needed for the brain to process that the stomach is full and send out a signal. So there's no hurry.

You've got it all wrong
Whatever tradition might say, eating all that fried, greasy food is bound to lead to health troubles and weight gains. Don't balk at the idea of substituting fried iftari with fruits, salads, steamed veggies and bread. Get rid of the grease-factor as much as you can.

Don't forget
Drink plenty of fluids to flush your system. And try not to snack till you go to bed. Instead, take the trouble of waking up at sehri and eating a solid meal. That'll keep you going through the day.
It doesn't matter what tradition dictates and what your eyes crave. If you want to stay healthy during Ramadan, eat healthy!

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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