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aurora: whiffs of whimsy

When we think of furniture stores we get flashes of catalogues displaying recliners, big leather couches and a store with gigantic floor space displaying little nooks that show furniture setting. But imagine a store that looks more like an antique store crammed to the last square inch; imagine a store that looks like someone's living room, halfway through it being put to order; imagine a store that looks like a life-size treasure chest. A figment of imagination? No most certainly not. A furniture store like this does exist. It's located on Dhanmondi Road 27. And it's called Aurora.

While most furniture stores have a formulaic set-up, Aurora spreads out over six rooms, each filled to the top. And the whole jam-packed antique store feel Almost always guarantees that customers come out buying more than they had intended to. Owned by Khondoker Anwar Hossain and Shahed Islam, an interior designer, Aurora was born on August 11, 2006.

The store boasts complete home décor fare brought in from China and Thailand. Their range of products include: sofa sets (Taka 90,000-Taka 150,000); fountains (Taka 3800- Taka 170,000); and showpieces (Taka 100- Taka 5000).

What makes the store so unique is that almost everything you see from the dry flowers in elegant vases to the drawing room sofa sets, are all for sale. Whether it is to get yourself a new sofa or simply buy someone a little birthday present, Aurora offers a wide selection of products to choose. Most eye-catching are their vases that are varied enough as to suit the needs of a Baroque look or fit right at home with an art deco interior.

It's hard to find things that suit everyone's needs in Dhaka's limited selection of furniture/décor stores. Aurora manages to showcase an assortment of things for varied tastes all under one roof. Whether to buy from, on a whimsy or to add a touch of whimsy, Aurora is the perfect store to visit.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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