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IT Fair @ IDB Bhobon

With the world spinning increasingly faster under our feet, Information Technology has become an inevitable agent in our life. IT has brought itself at full force, full blown in the City the past week. The week long IT fair from 10 to 17 December at IDB Bhaban just ended.

The sponsors of the fair are big names in the international market- Philips, Intel, Lexmark and Gigabyte. Although the term, IT fair, may sound somewhat intimidating in terms of esoteric technological terminologies and gadgets with curious capacities, the real scenario was rather different.

The entrance fee was Tk. 10 per head. Fairly crowded inside, the first and the second floor shops appeared to do most of the selling. Ransacking through a few of these stalls/stores gave me a generalized idea about "what's hot?" in the fair.

Shops like Daffodil Computers and Flora Limited enjoyed a fair share, with people herding through and the sales representatives eagerly displaying the shop's contents. Most endowed with customers were usually the vendors of DVDs.

Most sellers said that the demand for mp3, mp4 and mp6 players is soaring in the market. People want entertainment wherever they go, thus bringing in the concept of portability. 256 MB branded mp3 players are around Tk. 3900, while lesser-known brands are available at a cheaper rate. Mp4 players range from Tk. 6000 to Tk 7500, while 2 GB I Pods cost about Tk 10000.

Digital cameras are being sold at prices between Tk. 12900 and Tk. 50000. Furthermore, EPSON home theater system and movie projectors have drawn in clients. The fair had practically everything from DVD Rom and CD writers to graphic cards and optical mouse.

There were several interesting offers. Cyber Plaza, for instance, offered people to change their old PCs for new ones with upgraded operating system, processor and hardware. Flora Ltd. had a scheme called Digital Studio Setup that enabled the financially disadvantaged to take banking loans and advice, and establish their own photography studio.

The stores sold movies and music at unimaginably cheap rates- Tk. 85 for DVDs and Tk. 40 for audio and mp3s.

Overall, the whole event was quite a success. Moreover, it gave the people a glimpse of what is available in our country these days.

By Shahmuddin Siddiky



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