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pathology room design for
diagnostic centre

A pathology room is the heart of a diagnostic centre. With this in mind, the pathology room shown in the pictures has been arranged at the centre of this diagnostic centre. It is an open, spacious, see-through area, delineated by white Thai aluminium. A single fabric panelling in the corporate colours has also been placed in the partition. Long tables have been placed on the sides in the room. Each table comes with its own keyboard tray, individual drawer, file drawer, and also arrangements for computers. Tamar Ash lamination has been used for the tabletops for easy maintenance. Working chairs have been provided for the examiners at the pathology room.

Central air conditioning keeps the room cool and makes for pleasant working conditions. Clinical pathology is an essential feature of the pathology room, and hygiene is an important consideration. Hence a small wash basin has been placed in a designated area.

A blood collection room is also very important. With respect for the norms of our society and the principles of segregation, separate rooms have been arranged for male and female patients. Long-handled sofas have been placed in these rooms to make the blood collection process more efficient and comfortable.

Finally, a counter table for collecting the pathology reports is added to complete the picture. Plants and pottery add a healthy green touch.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
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Photo: Mohidul Haque













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