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Reader's Chit
Alone one on a wide wide sea

“Cholona ghure ashi ojanate, jekhane nodi ashe theme gese." Listening to this song, and looking at the wide blue ocean is something that soothes the mind and takes one far away from the buzzing world to a realm of romanticism.

Yes, I am talking about sea cruises. It's really a pleasant experience sailing over the wide sea and feeling the blue ocean up close. Recently I had the opportunity to pass few hours over the sea on a cruise. It feels like the whole world is separated from the sea and there's nothing except the sea in this universe. It's a world of tranquillity, only beautiful seagulls and me. White sea gulls, silver sharks, noisy trawlers and a shining sun up there, that's the scenario. These things give me pleasure because I get to know a different horizon and discover a new world. When seagulls take food from my hand or a dolphin shows me the way, or when I can watch the sun vanish into the water, my happiness gradually escalates to ecstacy, and I can't control my emotion. I cheer, sing and shout loudly. That's what happened with me when I was on the ship. My journey was from Cox's Bazar town to St. Martin. It took me two and half hours by sea truck to reach St. Martin. The sea truck starts from the main beach and charges tk 246 per person. On the way, an island surrounded by green trees suddenly appears, looking like it is struggling hard to survive amidst the strong sea. Then just after few minutes, my destination St. Martin appears. From the sea, it looks like a small green house swinging continuously whenever the sea touches its shore. When the waves touch the rocks and water splashes through...ooh that's a mind-blowing picture. If anyone of you out there wants to have this kind of experience on a cruise, then don't wait. Just come to Chittagong or Cox's bazar. There is the Green Channel Tourism Company to help you in this regard. If you are already in Chittagong, then contact them at their office in Dampara. The phone number is 622377. Don't worry if you are in Dhaka. Contact them in their office in Dhaka in Road 17, Banani, and their phone number is 605666.You can also contact them in Cox's Bazar at the hotel Green Obokash in Kolatoly. Call 9351100.Enjoy your marine drive and make your day as memorable as the one I had.

By Rahnuma Jummi



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