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Special Feature

Biotique's new branch opens at Uttara

Biotique has opened up its new branch at Uttara last Thursday. Inaugurated by the honourable Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh, Veena Sikri, the program followed by refreshments and a press conference with Biotique Herbal Clinic and Beauty Care Centre's director and beautician Ms. Naahin.

With the slogan Come back to Nature, Biotique started its first outlet in Dhaka in the year 1999. Over a period of only one-year Biotique's products won the hearts of the Dhakaites and which eventually led to the establishment of Biotique Herbal Clinic and Beauty Care Centre at Dhanmondi. Biotique is an eminent Indian brand that prepares all kinds of herbal remedies to skin and hair problem. Kazis Trade is the exclusive distributor and franchisee of Biotique's products in Bangladesh.

The unique speciality of Biotique is that its products are prepared from 100% botanical extracts. At Biotique, you can also obtain products that are meant exclusively for men. However, Biotique does not yet have a saloon or care centre solely for guys. But the proprietor of Kazis Trade, Bappi Kazi said that they definitely have plans to open up a saloon plus herbal clinic exclusively for men in the near future.

Experienced herbal specialists of India with extreme care formulate every product of Biotique; these products are safe for health, skin and hair.

Inside the new branch of Biotique there is a display corner holding up a wide range of Biotique products made from natural extracts. The prices of these products range from tk.180 to tk.390. Prices have to be charged high due to the heavy duties that have to be paid to the government by the franchisee.

At Biotique, you can get free consultation service. This off-track parlour only starts working on you after it thoroughly analyses your problem. It's almost guaranteed that their herbal treatment will heal your problem within a maximum period of 3 months, and this unique centre makes sure that you admit to follow certain rules and habits before it starts any treatment on you.

Biotique Herbal Clinic and Beauty Care Centre has always avoided publicity. Our customers bring in new customers, says the proprietor of Kazis Trade. The rising popularity and clientele of Biotique has led to the opening of their third branch at Uttara. They will shift their Banani branch to a new location at Gulshan-Baridhara and have plans to open a few more outlets in various parts of Dhaka.

At Biotique, you can obtain hair and skin treatments, nail curving (that includes French manicure, nail embossing and nail attachments), a wide category of make-up services and body work out, which includes body massage, lymph drainage, aerobics, dieting programs plus specialised diets.

We hope that Biotique continues its supremacy among the beauty conscious people of Dhaka and pursues its goal to provide quality services to their clients.

Address of Biotique is, house no 7, road no 1, Shayestha Khan Avenue, Sector no. 4, Uttara.

By Wara Karim

Shop talk

Flower pots
Owning an individual house is a dream for Dhakaites in this city of scarce land and high costs of building homes. Gone are the days when a house used to be embraced by stretches of lands. So today, instead of planting plants on the solid ground, we plant them in earthen pots. In Dhanmondi, Airport Road and in front of the High Court and most other vicinities there are vendors, who occupy the footpaths and sell wide ranges earthen flowerpots just for the plant lovers. Prices will vary depending on the sizes of the pots and intricacy of designs. For instance, you can buy the plain terra-cotta pots within tk.15 to tk.50 from most of these sellers of clay ware.

Cakes and Pies
You can check out the branches of PQS for custard cakes and strawberry pies. As refreshments for your child during the school hours or as afternoon snacks with tea, these cakes and pies could be great items. Prepared from whole egg, sugar, salt, margarine, milk powder, fresh cream and so on, each of these cakes and pies will cost you only tk.6. These cakes are prepared by Leader Food, a Malaysian concern. While filling your trolley with biscuits and cookies try the new chocolate Marie, its quite yum.

Hair Dyes from Lolane
Lolane is a Thai brand that produces a wide range of hair colours for both men and women. An added advantage of Lolane is that its hair colours are equally appropriate for both men and women. They have a broad range of hair dyes that includes various shades of brown, red and purple. Besides, if you want to add some crazy colour on your hair this summer, then check out Lolane's collection of bright yellow and green! Check out the Dhanmondi outlet of Priyo to grab a bottle of Lolane hair colour. Each bottle of Lolane hair colour will cost you tk.150.

Seasonal fruits and vegetable
Shajna data, a rare vegetable of the season, goes well with your lentil soup or as curry with just potatoes and tomatoes, sells at all kitchen market and also street vendors at Tk.20 to 30 a kilo. If your family members refuse to try them, let them know that its a great natural anti dose for chicken pox.

Water melon, this yummy fruit is a hot favourite with kids and adults alike and an attractive way to serve this red fruits is to scoop out the flesh with an ice cream scoop allow to chill it in a transparent bowl for a hour and serve with vanilla toppings. Selling at Tk. 50 to 80 per piece.
If you want to avoid this hassle just serve as juice or simple slice, anything goes.

By Wara Karim




Essentials Special

Baishakh in the air
Jhor elo, elo jhor. Aam por, aam por. This rhyme lets us know that the ferocious of all the season, the season of Kalbaishakhi and juicy delectable mango is here. The grand festivity that will wash away all that is old is just a few days ahead. However the raging sun started to show the familiar features of summer already, bringing painful physical ailments along with it. Let us be aware of them and prepare as we prepare ourselves for the gala.

What is heat stroke?
Heat stroke is the most severe form of heat related physical emergency. It results from long, extreme exposure to the sun. Usually sweat lowers our body temperature. This cooling system sometimes begins to fail if exposed to extreme heat, high humidity and because of physical exertion in the hot sun, allowing body heat to build up to a dangerous level. Heat stroke is a condition that requires immediate medical attention.

How to prevent it
Drink plenty of fluids during outdoor activities. Avoid too much tea and coffee. Wear loose fitting clothing in light colours that soothes your eyes. Schedule outdoor activities during the cooler times of the day. Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat, sunglasses and using a white umbrella. During outdoor activities take frequent drink breaks. In the hottest days try to spend most of the times indoors.

First aid for minor cases
There are some immediate first aid measures that you can apply in minor cases. First thing you need to do is get the person indoors. Remove clothing and gently apply cool water to the skin followed by fanning. Apply ice packs to the groin and armpits. Have the person lie down in a cool area with their feet slightly elevated.

Treating dehydration
Heat stroke can cause dehydration. Re-hydration by drinking fluids usually works in the cases of mild dehydration. Best way to do that is drinking saline, coconut water, juices and sherbets.

Grandmas tricks
These are some simple tricks that our grandmothers used to abide by. Believe me it helps. Avoid oily food during the summer. When you are back from outdoors, do not drink water immediately or take a shower. Let your body cool down first. Otherwise you might catch a cold. Always carry a bottle of water as you go out.

By Shahnaz Parveen




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