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make-up magic
for the noboborsho

PAHELA Baishak is a once-a-year phenomenon that has a very special meaning for us Bangalees. It is a day, which heralds another year of hopes and promises of a rosy future ahead. Needless to say, we welcome this advent with open arms and quite logically and naturally wanting to look our best on this special day.

The woman in us longs to look alive, be bright cheerful and need I stress the point-attractive.

The trick and need is to capture the festive mood. The look simple and exquisite being the key, should say it all, hairstyling and make up should be of the kind that meets the demands of your activities for the day.

Pahela Baishakh always means an early morning start so greet the day with a lot if flowers in your hair as many a song insists. Blow your hair the night before if you want to let your hair down with a single flower tucked rakishly into a billowing cloud of black adding just that hint of sensuality. Or tie up your hair into not so severe a bun and let the flowers do the rest. If are in the mood for braids, do go for it, but don't be stingy with the flowers, lots and lots are needed in this case.

Makeup should be subtle not loud at all, sophisticated but letting the natural woman in you surface for all to admire. Do not use a foundation, rather loose or cake power so that it stays longer in this hot weather. Use light shades of blush on either peach or pink. Do not use cream blushers, but a little brightened or shimmer powder.

Eyeliners have a prominent role to play because the eyes need to be focal point of it all. Whether thick or thin, the eyeliner should stretch outwards into a seductive curve. Kajol also makes your eyes look attractive use lots of mascara or if you want to be creative use brown or blue eyeliner. Lipstick should be light going well together with your eyes. Since it is the festive mood lips could be red as well. Round off the overall effect with a bindi.

Your clothes now take centre stage. Sarees, shalwar kameez, fatwas whatever you fancy, colours, as dictated by tradition are red and white but if you want to add variety to it then its best to stick to light pastel shades or bright yellow and turquoise can also carry the day for fun.

By Farzana Shakil

Aarong’s boishakh collection for women

The name of Aarong is not new to any Dhakaite. Yes, the largest craft and fashion outlet in the city has brought out an exclusive line for women. What sets this collection apart from what's on offer from all other boutiques is the use of colour. This collection is as bold and bright as the weather outside.

Some of the items to look for include the fuchsia pink embroidered kameez with green striped pants worn with crushed dupatta and the grey and yellow screen-printed crepe shalwar kameez and dupatta with sequins and hand embroidery. The creative minds behind this collection have not forgotten the traditional combination, and hence there is the white and black screen-printed cotton saree with red border and mirror work. Finally, keep your eyes peeled for a maroon crepe saree with yellow, red and orange Nakshikantha work, embellished with sequins. Be sure to stop at the jewellery section to pick up the perfect accessories to go with your outfits.

These are just a few teasers to give you an idea about what the collection is like. Hurry over to the Aarong outlets to see for yourself the rest of the dazzling collection.

Fashion fiesta at Mayasir

The year 1411 on the Bengali calendar is almost upon us, and all the leading names in the local fashion industry are abuzz with new collections to kick off the year with. Leading the razzmatazz race, Mayasir is also bringing out a new collection to help you make a splash this summer.

Their arrangement for this year's Noboborsho is a little different. The New Year line will be available at both their outlets, but the Dhanmondi Mayasir boasts a special showing for the little princesses. Anyone purchasing an item from the children's line there will walk away with a special gift.

So what can we expect from the main collection this season? Saris in Tangail taat, jamdani, tosshor, baluchori, half silk, and soft silk. The salwar kameezes are available in embroidered cotton and fine georgette, and these are accompanied by very dressy dupattas. To complete the look, Mayasir also has its exclusive silver jewellery, which is available in both showrooms. There is also a punjabi collection for men. The children's line consists of salwar kameez, ghagri, tops, skirts, etc. Overall, they have a very comprehensive line-up for this season, and each design boasts the creative talent of designer Maheen Khan.

The saris range between Tk 540-14000, salwar kameezes between Tk 750-12500, kids' outfits between Tk 150-850, and punjabis between Tk 350-1450.

The exhibition will continue between April 5 to April 25. Mayasir is located at 39, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, and Concord Arcadia Shopping Mall, 3rd Floor, Road 4, Dhanmondi.

Pumsy joins the boishakh bandwagon

Pohela Boishakh has all the fashion houses in a frenzy, dreaming and scheming to start the Bengali New Year off with pizzazz. Pumsy Fashion House is not to be left out, as it is also bringing out a special Boishakhee collection.

The designs this season are inspired by Jamini Ray and traditional Bengali alpona. Florals and jewellery motifs, and hand-painted scenery are also a big feature. The colours you can expect to see are red, black, orange, yellow and purple, all on a background of white.

The Bengali New Year starts off at the height of summer, when 'heat' and 'humidity' become common catchwords. Comfort is a major concern, and so, cotton takes precedence in Pumsy's Boishakh collection. Other than that, georgette silk, linen, and taat are also available. Designer Pumeer has experimented with cuts and lines to bring you a collection that blends the traditional with the modern.

The saris cost between Tk 650-1600. The range for salwar kameez is Tk 800-1800, while fotuas are available for Tk 350-800. There is also a punjabi line for Tk 550-1500.

The exhibition will be held at the Drik Gallery, House 58, Road 15A (New), Dhanmondi, from April 9 to April 14, everyday between 10 a.m., and 9 p.m.

Kay Kraft's boishakhee bonanza

Kay Kraft started off the Bengali New Year with a special exhibition on Friday, April 2 at 5 p.m., at their Baily Road outlet. The exhibition, which continues right up to April 14, released the season's newest designs at all their other outlets.

The new collection features block prints on Tangail, Pabna, and thaan sarees, tie-dyed thaan, a wide range of blouse pieces, all at a range of Tk. 395- 1200.

Red, white, black and orange are the colours that prevail over the new collection. Salwar kameez, in shades of red, boasting a variety of prints, patterns and cuts are also part of the collection, and the price ranges between Tk 650-1250. Keeping in mind the heat of the approaching summer, half-sleeve and sleeveless kameezes are predominant in this season's line. There is also a collection of fotuas and tops in block print, screen print, tie-dye, and sequin-embroidery. Again, in keeping with the Boishakhee theme, the colours that prevail are shades of red, white and black.

The price ranges between Tk 250-450.

There is also a men's line, which features short kurtis for men, at Tk 350-525.

The exhibition is open everyday, between 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and the collection is available at all the Kay Kraft outlets at Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Rangs Anam Plaza (Sobhanbagh), and Malibagh.

Baishakhi Rong

Grooming for baishakhi festival is on the way. All that is from the past is forgotten through this festival. Rong, one of the renowned fashion houses of today has garnished itself with lively baishakhi collection. Bangladesh is a land of thousand villages, with picturesque scenery. Origin of its vibrant beauty is vast greenery.

In their baishakhi collection, Rong tried to portray some of it. Sarees are decorated with birds and butterflies, with flowers, plants and leaves. Block, spray, cut work, screen print gave them the joyful look. Tangail taat, muslin, pahari silk, soft silk, raw silk, and what not, all these are available at the price of tk270 to tk4500. Rong has a special collection of dhakai jamdani. These will cost tk1, 500 to 10,000.

Rong also has exclusive jamdani, cotton, crepe georgette, kotki three-piece in their collection. Cotton, muslin, and georgette adorns the row of ready-made women's wear. Their price ranges from tk400 to tk2000. Trendy fatuas for girls will cost around tk350. Single dopattas are also available at the price of tk120 to tk450.

Men's collection, mainly comprise shirt, t-shirt, panjabi and fatuas all splashed with dazzling colours and equal decoration like the women's collection. Taat, khadi, addi, voile, kotki, silk, cotton, endi, is the chosen fabric. Their price would start from tk250 and rise up to tk1500.

Rong's ornament collection, accessories like fashionable handbags are superb. The fashion house also sells showpieces and gift items. All these items are available in their outlets situated at Chashara, Naryangonj, Sunrise Plaza, Lalmaita and at Twin Tower Concord Shopping Complex at Shantinagar.

Satabdi's baishakhi collection

End of the month Chaitra is near. Preparation is on the way for the carnival of colours. Fashion houses of Dhaka are spirited enough for the festive mood. Their motto is to colour it up.

This year Shatabdi mostly prepared saree and panjabi. Orange, yellow and green are the preferred colours for sarees. Blue, grey and green prevail in the panjabi collection. Sarees are embellished with block print and hand paint. Their price ranges from tk750 to tk1500. Panjabis will cost tk450 to tk1000.

Shatabdi is situated at the third floor of Ambala Complex. Their address is house no 39, road no 2, Dhanmondi R/A.

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