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Shop Special

Sportswear and accessories

Jogging in a warm spring morning with a gorgeous branded cap, t-shirt and trouser you will simply feel superb. As sport incorporates physical stretching a special type of soft, warm and flexible wear is essential for it. For that reason, sports wear always get importance to the sporty crowd. Although it requires some money to spend, but it is sure to be appreciated by people. People are recently more conscious about body fitness than ever before, and this makes sports apparels appealing.

In Dhaka City, there are lots of shops that are selling different types of sports wear according to the demand of the customers. Any one interested in sports can get their desired products from these shops.

Reebok, the house of sports wear, displays various types of products with different price ranges. It has two branches in Dhaka. One is positioned in Trend setters Limited, 17 (old19) North Gulshan 2 and the other is located in New elephant road. There is only one branch outside Dhaka city, and this is situated in Chittagong. The address is Easy International, 815 Ali road, Dam para, CDA Avenue, Chittagong. T-shirts in touch with the artistic designs and colors are selling between Tk.895 to 1295. Different types of Polo Shirts at Tk.995 - Tk.1495, track suits at Tk.2495- Tk.3695, Reebok and rock port caps at Tk395-600, Cates at Tk.1795 -11795, head bands at Tk.195-Tk.250, wrist bands at Tk.195-395 are available in rebook shops. Reebok launched a new brand Iverson, based on the name of a famous basketball player in different branches. Iverson t-shirts, trainers and shorts are magnificent in quality and designed to catch the glimpse of customers. Pleasant environment, soft music, trial room and a warm reception definitely inspire you to visit this place frequently.

"The specialty of Nike products is their innovative design and quality," said one of the staff of the Nike store. Shops are located in two different places of the Dhaka city. One is positioned in G-8, DMC Market, Gulshan North, while the other is in 234/2 New Elephant Road. Nike is offering Tshirts at the price range of Tk.500-2000, polo shirts at Tk.1050 -2050,shorts at Tk.750- 1500, Cates at Tk.3000-9000, caps between Tk.375 -900, ladies sleeveless at Tk.750- 1550, Kids jacket set with trouser at Tk.650-1050, trouser at 1950 2450. Nike also accepts master and visa card just like Reebok. Another interesting thing about Nike is that they launch the same products at a same time throughout the world.

People who have a passion for golf, their first priority must be sports world, the largest importer in Bangladesh positioned in Gulshan 2 market. Their golf sets including an exclusive leather bag costs Tk.1,20,000. Another brand, Dunlop is offered at Tk.22500 with Gosson at Tk.25000. Football jerseys of both local and foreign brands are also available with various price ranges. Locals are selling at the price of Tk.100 - Tk.300 where foreign are selling at Tk.800-1250.

Swimming is one of the best ways of keeping the body fit. A lot of enthusiasm is carried by this sport throughout the world. Though there are very few opportunities for the citizens of Dhaka to swim, some swimming pools in different Hotels and restaurants offer swimming under payment. Any one interested in swimming, can buy his/her costume, goggles and caps from different sport shops located in Gulshan market or Bangobandhu stadium market. Swimming goggles can be found at the cost of Tk.120 - Tk.450, caps at Tk.80 - Tk.250.

If you are looking for your equipment at a cheap price, Maulana Vasani (outer stadium) stadium market will be your best choice. A lot of shops here offer different sports wear and accessories at low prices. Among them OK sports, New Dhaka sports, AP Sports, Shah Sports, Kamal Sports and Bangladesh Sports will catch by your eyes if you surf the market to buy your sporty belongings. Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Football and Indoor game accessories are also available in all those shops.

By Arif Imran

Shop talk

Johnson's Baby Soap
Johnson's products are not only good for the children but adults as well. You can try out their soaps, which are available in 2 different colours to pamper your skin. Johnson's soaps are made in Thailand as well. Prepared from palm & coconut oil, lotion, titanium dioxide, EDTA and perfume, the floral versions of Johnson's baby soap are great for skin. These soaps are available in the general and superstores of the capital. At PQS, each of these 70g soaps will cost you tk.45.

Incense Sticks
The Banani outlet of Hallmark has introduced a collection of incense sticks. Each pack contains several long fragrant sticks; the colour and the scent of these sticks will vary according to your horoscope. Interesting indeed! With attributes of different horoscopes inscribed on top of every box, each packet will cost you tk.95. If you have the birthday of your loved one coming up then this could be a cool gift to impress him/her.

Slam Book
Young people love to maintain a slam book to keeps records of the likes and dislikes of their favourite people. Slam books were not available in the stores of Dhaka some 7 or 8 years back, but today the gift shops hold up impressive collections of different sorts of diaries and slam books in their shelves. From the Banani outlet of Hallmark, young people can buy cute and small slam books. With lovely pictures printed on top, each of these slam books is priced around tk.75.

Frozen Nuggets
During tea or coffee, these beef nuggets will taste great. Prepared by Ramly Food Processing company, Malaysia, the ingredients of these nuggets include beef, Soya protein, vegetable oil, corn flour, spices, salt etc. Each large packet weighs about 1kg and cost tk.345. You can purchase these beef nuggets from Agora.

Khatta Meetha
Do you have a tongue for the tangy tamarind? There are mouth-watering sweets made from tamarind available at stores today. Named Khatta Meetha, this is a Thai product imported to Bangladesh by our local company Kallol. Prepared from tamarind, sugar, salt and pepper, each of these tamarind sweets will bring water to your mouth. Available in plastic containers of 2 different sizes, the larger container will cost you some tk.40.

By Wara Karim





Essentials Special

Living in a gas chamber
The air of Dhaka as we all know has become extremely toxic for human health. Recently news was published regarding the air condition of Dhaka. It says that currently the Air Quality Index Value (AQIV) of the capital city is between 198-200. An AQIV of less than 100 means good air quality. Department of Environment mostly blame emission from unfit vehicle, industry and brick kiln for this suffocating condition. Dhaka is the centre point of every activity. It is urgently necessary to decentralise the city. This would obviously mean less emission. According to BRTA authority more than 50percent vehicle of the city is unfit. Their repair and maintenance of standard is another requirement.

In another news we've read that nearly 100 cattle mostly buffaloes died from toxic gas poisoning in Anwara upazila of Chittagong. The poisoning occurred because of an industrial waste dumping by Chittagong Urea Fertiliser Limited. 38 families lost their cattle. Canals are used for household cleaning in the rural area. Loosing cattle is devastating enough it could have killed people as well. Waste dumping poses serious risk towards human health. Regulations about these conducts are quite lenient in our country. In fact it is hard to recall any ruling, which punished any culprits responsible for polluting environment. It is about time we set up strong regulations.

Did you know…
that air pollution especially harms the young? Children have narrower airways than the adults. Their airways become obstructed with particulate matters easily than adults. Children have higher breathing rate than adults as well. This result in a greater dose of pollution delivered in to their lungs. Because of all this, air pollution can result in more frequent respiratory infections, irritation or inflammation in children.

Protect yourself from pollution
In Dhaka it is impossible to live in a smog free environment. However, there are certain traits that will enable you to avoid it sometimes. Try moving around Dhaka during the morning. During that time the smog is usually low. Avoid high traffic areas and smoke filled rooms. If you work out regularly try avoiding busy thoroughfares, you will inhale a lot less toxic particulate matters. Shrubberies are very good pollution deterrent. Leave a little space outside your home to plant them. Check up your car for faulty parts every now and then. You will be protecting yourself in the long run.

By Shahnaz Parveen






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