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perfume shop

PERFUMES are an inescapable part of a person's identity. A good scent can linger in the mind and work its way into a person's heart, while an unpleasant one can leave a disastrous impression on whoever happens to smell it. So choosing a perfume is an important decision, whether one is buying for oneself, or as a gift for someone else. Such an important decision can only be made comfortably only in the right ambience. Hence the décor of a perfume shop plays a vital role in the customers' shopping experience.

'Glamour View' is an exclusive perfume showroom located in Navana Tower, Gulshan. Measuring only 16'x12', it is very small, and space was an important concern. 2'x1Jupiter Ocera' porcelain tiles were fitted onto the entire length of the floor, excepting a star-shaped section at the centre of the floor, which was filled in, using 2'x1'coir-coloured Reunion tiles, bordered by 2" black granite. The designer made a 3-step false ceiling, using 50% particle boards, and 50% garjon wood, painted with white docu-paint. A coir-coloured, star-shaped section was created at the centre to mirror the design on the floor. Besides being attractive to look at, the false ceiling also serves to hide the air-conditioner and the electrical wiring. The set-up gave the store a dramatic appearance, and also created an illusion of space.

Even then, space was still an issue. As the main products of the shop consisted of perfumes, four-step open racks were hung from the ceiling on steel ropes, which were attached to the lower cabinets. Beautiful yellow and blue spotlights with small shades were also attached to the steel ropes, which saved unsightly wiring.

A long cabinet, made from ¾ particle board was added to the lower portion of the walls for storage purposes. Tamar Ash laminations were pasted onto the cabinet for display purposes. The designer chose a combination of colours for the cabinet drawers.

There used to be an empty wall behind the counter. Circular glass racks were fitted there in steps, with wedge-shaped racks for the corners, to make maximum usage of whatever space was available. The racks are held in place by ½ SS pipes. The walls are bordered by a crafted wood panelling made of Burma teak. Indirect defuse lights are used to brighten the racks and illuminate the panelling. Along with the fancy perfume bottles, the racks are decorated with dry flower arrangements for ornamentation.

Thus a few simple choices have helped make use of a small space to make a perfume shop where browsing for sweet scents can be comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi
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