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Agony Medic

Dr. Lutful Aziz, FCPS,PHD, Consultant "analgesia", Pain relief centre

How to sit corrrectly
Stress on the vertebral body and Intervertebral discs in correct and incorrect sitting

Back pain is often a consequence of poor posture and stress on the spine that has resulted in overtaxing of the various associated tissue structures (intervertebral discs vertebral joints and body ligaments and muscles)
Getting up from A lying position

Bend both legs, place both hands on your chest and raise your head. Then simultaneously turn your head, your shoulders and your knees towards the edge of the bed and use both arms to push yourself up into a sitting position.

Getting up from a chair
Remaining upright from the waist up (bending your hips only) move your body forwards in the chair. Then stretch your hip and knee joints at the same time. In this way your back will remain straight all the time.

Working in a standing position
Maker your workplace as comfortable as possible aiming at
* an upright position
* a relaxed shoulder girdle
an elbow-height working surface (this may involve raising either the surface you stand on or the working surface)

To Find the correct standing position
Stand one foot away from wall. Now sit against wall bending knees slightly. Tighten abdominal and buttock muscles. This will tilt the pelvis back and flatten the lower spine. Holding this position, inch up the wall to standing position, by straightening the legs. Now walk around the room, maintaining the same posture. Place back against wall again to see if you have held it.

Parlour wise

La Femme The Lady

In a place like Uttara there's indeed a dearth of high quality beauty salons, where the local women can luxuriate in classy beauty treatment. Unlike Dhanmondi or Banani where proficient beauty parlors are already abundant, growing residential areas like Uttara are devoid of expert beauty parlors so essential for today's women. In this scarcity, La Femme is a hint of relief.

La Femme promises to cater competent professional beauty services to their clients. This beauty salon has seen the daylight on June 2003 right beside the Uttara branch of Standard Chartered Bank. The proprietor Mrs. Juthi Hoque was trained by Muniba, a beauty expert who was a trainee of the world renowned Vidal Sassoon. It was back in the 1990 when in Saudi Arabia this Bangladeshi lady started her own practice from her home in Riyadh. She also completed a diploma under Juhaina, a beauty expert from Goa, India. After returning to Dhaka in 1993, Juthi Hoque continued her practice in New DOHS, and this time too she rendered services to women who came over to her place to get beauty treatment. Joining or starting a beauty salon was only a dream then. She later joined La Belle as a beauty consultant and worked there for 5 years.

Juthi Hoque says that hairdressing has always been her passion. Years of practice have enabled her to become an adept hair stylist. She also specializes in fine bridal make up. Here in La Femme clients can also get their bridal make up and haircut done by the efficient hands of Juthi Hoque.

Furnished tastefully, this spacious salon has a group of
proficient coiffeurs trained carefully by the owner. The dexterity of the staffs is proved in their services.

Unlike some other places Hoque gives exclusive
attention to each of her customer, and the customers are seen leaving the salon with complete satisfaction.
La Femme promises to cater all kinds of beauty treatments for women, from facial, haircutting, pedicure, manicure to make up, hair coloring, moreover, everything in short.

Prices of some of their services are listed below to give you a rough idea:
Haircutting- tk.140
Facial - tk.350
Pedicure - tk.180
Manicure - tk.150
Party make up - tk.600 to tk.1200
Bridal make up tk.2500 to tk.3000

The candid atmosphere and the expertness of the staffs express that another classy beauty salon has just started its supremacy in this capital. We hope that La Femme continue to make their beauty parlor a success story. And all of you out there, check out the place if you don't want to miss this opportunity of getting your hair, face, hands and feet done in a truly bang-up place.

Address: House # 79, Road # 7, Sector # 4, Uttara, Dhaka.

By Wara Karim


Oh! those Pakistanis

With the end of the test series at Pakistan, the Bangladesh cricket team made the country proud with some stunning displays of great improvement. However, the last test of the series was filled with controversy.

To start with the Bangladesh cricket team, were made to travel in economy class whilst the hosts were given tickets to executive class. This gesture by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) left the cricket team fuming at disparity. The Pakistan International Airlines flew both teams from Rawalpindi to Multan, the venue for the third and final test. Later the PCB clarified that the hosts were flown in 'economy plus' class, which has few differences from the economy class. A PCB spokesperson also added that the team would again be flown in economy class for the rest of the tour if the aircraft were small.

In the third test, as Bangladesh was in the driving seat. The Pakistan skipper dropped Alok Kapali and then picked up the ball, behind the umpires back. Instead of calling Alok Kapali back, the wicket-keeper captain started celebrating the breakthrough. This was an incident, which could have had a considerable impact on the outcome of the match. Bangladesh manager M A Latif, filed an official complain to the match referee, notifying him of the situation. Television replays points out the unjustified appeal by the Pakistan team. However Pakistani captain Rashid Latif was banned for five one-day internationals on Sunday for claiming the dropped catch during this week's narrow Test victory over Bangladesh and Inzamamul Haq is now the Pakistani team captain.

Bangladeshi fielder Mushrafe Murtaza takes a catch to dismiss Pakistani bowler Salman Bhutt during the final Test match between Pakistan and Bangladesh in Multan, 05 September 2003. Photo: AFP

To add to all this misery, ICC umpire Asoka de Silva gave Mohammad Rafique lbw when the ball clearly pitched outside the leg-stump.

The battle was not only fought in the middle, the two
commentators Rameez Raza and our very own Athar Ali Khan battled in the commentary box, often ending in outrageous comments. They went as far as unpleasant words such as "Bangladesh are seriously in danger of winning the match", the comments offending a lot of people.

The Bangladesh team spirit should be lauded, when Mohammad Rafique had a chance to get Omar Gul out in an unsporty fashion, but instead asked him to get back into the crease, showing the highest level of sportsmanship.

However, the Bangladeshi performance on the field deserves all our praise and makes the nation look forward to their first test win, which doesn't seem far away.

By Mishel Ali Khan



Under A Different Sky

The truth about cats and dogs

In the world full of moving mouths with different opinions and expressions, sometimes the ones cared for most are the ones who don't know how to speak. The long for companionship does not require spoken words. In fact the annoyance created by words from everyone claiming they have a brain is pushing some of us to find a different kind of companion for life. Nowadays the mute, expendable and non human ones are more in luck with the annoyed, rich, lonely Americans.

One of my co-workers fondly talked about a character named Casper. She would chit chat about how Casper's appetite is changing, how much he weighs, what pranks he pulled on her over the weekend. And Casper even had the same last name as my co-worker, which naturally made me believe this was her two year old little naughty son, until one fine day she brought Casper into work, who walked on four legs, slobbered and woofed. The two year old little boy turned into an imagination as Casper licked my toes and ate treats off my hand.
Another friend of ours upon deciding to have a baby, adopted a small cat. They said it would be a practice for them of how to attend to a helpless being's needs, before they have a real baby, they wanted to try out their parental instincts and qualities on this little kitten. I am not sure how the kitten felt about all this but the parents started having problems over doing chores, feeding and taking her to the vet, and actually ended up separated due to the realization that not only were they not ready for a baby but they were not even ready for each other. Just a pity that a kitten had to come in-between them to bring out that realization.

I will not deny it; I feel a certain jealousy towards pets in this country. I mean how can I not be jealous? The royal treatment you get for being fuzzy and four legged. Makes you wonder how much time and money these pet owners have to splurge like that on their pets.
Recently one of my own family members worried about his pet's health took him to the vet. The doctor suggested it might be a problem of the kidney, and prescribed ultra-sonograms, and millions of other procedures. He patiently did all of the tests and worriedly took care of the poor sick dog. I am not going to mention the amount, but he spent enough to have fed five hungry villages in Bangladesh.

In the evenings here in DC when you step out to a park, almost 1 out of 3 people you see is a dog walker. Taking their dogs for strolls to get them fresh air and show off their beautiful silky kept selves. Most of them are better looking than their owners. This has also become a popular way of meeting people. Two single dog walkers, meeting in a park, holding common interests tied with leashes, and ka-boom, it happens!!!
There is a whole line of clothing and accessories for
these highly maintained lucky ones in four legs. They have got thousands of brands to choose from and millions of flavors of food to eat. They have even got scent to use in their litter boxes so they don't smell anything less than pleasant.

When I was three years old I got my first cat named Alladi, who ate fish and chicken bones, killed mice, roamed around the neighborhood and slept in her designated Bata shoe box. I know every single one of these things I did are a big NO NO to people in America. Here fish or chicken bones are considered deadly for kittens because they may choke on them. Going out in the neighborhood to roam is another hazard, what if they get lost and can't come back or get run over by a car that is driving fifteen miles per hour. And forget about the old Bata Shoe box, cats here prefer the spot next to their parent/owner or at the least their own bed with nice comforters and linens.

I think pretty soon we will add a new class to the society here. Where shall the royal pets belong? I am not sure of where I belong as far as status goes in this country but I know mine will be below the four legged royalties.

By Iffat Nawaz



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