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Walking space

With Dhaka resembling a concrete jungle with each passing day, the suffocated residents of this populated city are frequently on the lookout for places to go and enjoy some breath of fresh air.

The influx of different satellite channels has also motivated the population, specially the female segment, to become more conscious about their health and their looks. This has motivated the concerned into taking up walking or going to different health clubs to keep themselves fit. Not everyone can afford to go to health clubs, however; instead they prefer taking a long walk in near park or lakeside.

One of the oldest and largest walking spaces in Dhaka City is Ramna Park. Everyday, hundreds of people from different areas come here for walking and jogging. If you go there early in the morning you will see people taking a refreshing morning walk. This park is really beautiful, as it is one of the oldest in our country with trees well over a hundred years old providing shade from the stifling heat. With Sheraton hotel just alongside the park, one can also find a few foreigners trotting along the concrete pathway of the historical park.

However, a rapid population growth has seen the demise of such parks due to space constraint. Nowadays one can hardly find an open space around Dhaka and this can have a negative effect on the population of the city as well. The residents of Dhanmondi can count themselves among the luckier lot since they have the

Dhanmondi Lake for recreation. With the previous government investing heavily to upgrade the lake premises, Dhanmondi Lake is now one of the most attractive recreational spots in Dhaka city.

The atmosphere in that place is very pleasant and cordial, as well as safe. One can get to see many elderly couple enjoying their evening walk along the lake, while passing by a group of young boys singing their favorite tune. The most attractive feature about the lake premises is that it is extremely well maintained. Littering is almost non-existent and people can go about with what they are in doing in complete privacy. Recently reports have surfaced about mugging taking place in the cover of darkness but that has not deterred people from enjoying their fresh air at the Lake.

For the residents of Gulshan, parks are a scarcity. The children's park at Gulshan-1 has been turned into a slum for government employees and the authorities are yet to take any action against this illegal move. In order to get respite from the hectic pace of city life, people in that locality can visit the Baridhara children's park which has gone through a major facelift in the last year or so.

Due to an initiative by the local residents, security of the park was beefed up and extra lighting and trees were planted to improve the aesthetic aspect of the place. There is another park located near the American Club at Gulshan-2, which also provides pleasant atmosphere for the daily joggers and health freaks. Due to its close proximity to many international clubs, it is not surprising
that foreigners prefer this park. It is comparatively more private than other parks in the city and this also helps to attract even more people.

With life in Dhaka city becoming more hectic by the day and space being considered a luxury, the residents of this beautiful city are always on the lookout for free open spaces to get away from it all and relax. Though such spaces are few and far between, their availability is important in maintaining a proper balance of city life.

By Tanzeena Zaman

News Flash

Fanta Lemon,' the new member in Coca-Cola family

Coca-Cola gladly announces the arrival of its new entrant 'Fanta Lemon' in Bangladesh. 'Fanta Lemon' is being introduced to the market to bring in a refreshing variety of flavours for the consumers. 'Fanta Lemon' will be available along with 'Fanta Orange' at your nearest outlets from now on.

Tingly and bubbly 'Fanta Lemon' with its bold lemon taste uplifts and frees your spirit to add magical colour to life!
Try 'Fanta Lemon' today and get a taste of the refreshing lemon, which no other soft drink offers you, 'Fanta Lemon', comes in 250-ml glass bottles for Tk 10/- per bottle.

New Lipton Yellow Label Tea Hits the Markets

Lipton Yellow Label teabags are now available in the market with an all-new International Blend. The brand was relaunched into the market recently, sporting a great new look with a new and exciting taste. The new blend is now 100% International, and contains the superior Kenyan Black Tea and is priced at Tk 75 per box.

Lipton Yellow Label tea brings to the consumer the ultimate in tea drinking experience. The epitome of international quality, Lipton's assurance of quality and exciting taste has helped it become the world's largest selling tea brand. The new Lipton "Yellow" look reflects the energy and attitude of today's consumer.

Moulinex, Brandt and Yashica Free Service

Epique Home Appliances Ltd has announced a month long free servicing of Moulinex, Yashica and Brandt products on the occasion of its 4th Anniversary. This free servicing will be available in Dhaka from 1st September to 15th September 2003 at the service centre of Epique at 345 Segun Bagicha, Dhaka-1000 (Tel: 8314156, 8314909, 9355395).

From 16th September to 23rd September 2003, the free service will be available in Chittagong at their service centre at 41 M.M. Ali Road, Lalkhan Bazaar, Chittagong (Tel: 639289, 0171-421822).

This free servicing will be also available in Sylhet from 24th September to 30th September 2003 at Epique's authorised service centre at H S Electronics, 5 Tintara Biponi, Zindabazar, Sylhet (Tel: 0171-300675, 0171-434974).

During this Free Servicing Month interested persons can avail free servicing facilities of their genuine Moulinex, Brandt and Yashica products from the above-mentioned service centres of Epique Home Appliances Ltd.

South Indian Savories

These are few curries that can be enjoyed with Rice as well as Rotis.

Potato & Peas Kurma:
Ingredients required:
½ kg Potatoes
¼ kg Fresh Green Peas
Salt to Taste
Grind the following together:
¼ cup Grated Fresh Coconut
6-8 Red Chillies
1 ½ TBL Spoon Poppy Seeds (soaked in hot water)
6 flakes Garlic
3 diced Onions
Preparation procedure:
1. Pressure Cook Peas & Potatoes.
2. Peel outer skin from Potatoes & dice into cubes.
3. Mix both Vegetables along with Ground Paste, Salt & enough water.
4. Boil till raw smell goes & gravy becomes thick.
5. Serve Hot.

Cashew-nut Vegetables:
Ingredients required:
3 Carrots
100 grams Beans
1 small Cauliflower
100 grams Cabbage
200 Cashew Nuts (make a paste)
2 Green Chillies
½ Tea Spoon Aji no motto
1 TBL Spoon Cornflour
2 cups Water
1 Tea Spoon Green Chillies & Ginger Paste
½ Tea Spoon White Pepper Powder
1 TBL Spoon Vinegar
Oil for Frying
Salt to Taste

Preparation procedure:
1. Cut all Vegetables into thin slices.
2. Cut Green Chillies length-wise.
3. Heat little Oil & fry Green Chillies & Ginger Paste and add Cashew Nut (Paste) and then all Vegetables with Aji no motto.
4. Stir in high flame for few minutes.
5. Mix Cornflour, Pepper, Salt and Vinegar with 2 cup of Water.
6. Pour this over Vegetables and cook till thick.

By Vidya Prashad

Did you Know

Caterer in style

When a party is planned, the first thing to plan is certainly the catering. You want all of the arrangements, presentation, service, and everything to go right. That's when the caterers come in.

Did you know that the Dhaka Sheraton Hotel offers a first class outside catering service to make your party as pleasant and stress-less as possible. The hotel has its own special catering delivery van that is refrigerated to ensure hygiene standards.

So, be it special occasion, personal or private, business or pleasure; try Sheraton Hotel's Outside Catering Service. Menu's start from Tk850. For more information and bookings call the hotel.

LS Desk

Hanging Out

Fuller Road

Those of who have been to the Dhaka University campus might know what I'm talking about. In fact those who have been and are candidates for the 'O' and 'A' Levels definitely know of the place or should I say the road I'm referring to. Our "Hanging Out" place for this week is "Fuller Road", where the British Council Library is located.

You might be wondering why I chose a "road" instead of the conventional eating out or "Hanging Out" place. Well, Fuller Road has a charm of its own. It's best if you go as a couple with your loved one. I don't suggest you show up with a group of friends since that's just not how things work out at Fuller road. It's popularly known as the "Couples Domain" after dark. You might be wondering by now where you would actually sit down with whoever you've brought along. Simple answer: the sidewalk. It's quite clean especially after the drainage systems along with the sidewalks of Fuller Road were renovated a few months ago. As for the food, you don't get to choose from a very wide variety. Ice cream and Phuchka are what you get and sometimes, if you are lucky "Chacha Mia" might just come along and serve you a really spicy mixture of chick-peas (boot) and blah…blah.

All in all, Fuller Road is a great place to go to, if you simply want to spend a quiet evening under the trees with the occasional wind blowing across your face. If privacy is what you are looking for, you won't get it there. It wouldn't be a smart idea to express your physical passions either because you just might get caught by the Proctor of the University who often comes out for an evening stroll.

By Alex



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