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Shop special

Long live - Mirpur Benarasee Polli

Nothing unusual about it. Whenever one wants to get some real good sarees for a particular occasion, one has no option but Mirpur Benarasee Polli. Fascinating, beautiful, colorful and charming; the colours, the textures and the designs are all capable of taking away your peace of mind. Mirpur Saree Polli, section # 10, Dhaka, is a leader in professional business and understanding consumer demand in terms of design and making sarees. Their extensive product line enables consumers in the country and as well as in neighbouring countries to buy, store, and distribute sarees.
Their products include silk, tissue, benarasee, taat in colourful and bright jori works all over the saree for special occasions such as weddings, engagements and others. More than two or three thousand people are engaged in this business at more than 100 shops and designing houses all around the place.
The one that caught my attention the most was the Benarasee Saree Kuthi. Their designs are different from others and they stock a variety of products. As I was sitting in the shop exploring the world of tissue, Rajshahi silk, tossor, bridal sarees and other materials, I was totally astonished to find that the quality of these sarees are as good as any of the Indian ones we get. Go to Mirpur, Section # 10, Block-A, Line - 7, House 17 Babul Bhai, the owner will take all sorts of trouble to give you the exact thing you had in mind. Apart from this particular one there are more shops lined up and open just for you to enter.
Mirpur Benarasee Saree Polli approaches the world of fashion (saree) and they respond to the needs of their customers with excellence in design and quality local sarees for all. Through this approach, they strive to contribute to the development of a society in which all people can pursue good fashion, brilliant designs, regardless of differences in culture, customs, and religion through local products.
The price range is quite difficult to pin down as it varies from shop to shop and
also depends on quality and design. It is advised that take someone who is a 'pro' in saree buying so that the trader can't fool you.

By Bohemian Soul.

Shop talk

Tingling tongues
Try the Teriyaki sauce available at Nandan Super Shop that will set your mouth on fire. The sauce can be used to marinade chicken and give it a tongue tingling taste! The sauce is available at TK 135 and can be easily used to prepare Mexican style chicken. The hot chili sauce is also a good option that you can buy at TK 90. Special fish sauces are also available at affordable prices in case you prefer the oriental style of cooking.

Eye attraction
A fashionable way to hit the streets and look cool once the days become real scorchers, is to get hold of a pair of really snazzy sunglasses in the market, in styles that are very funky and contemporary. Available at Lavender shop , Gulshan-II, at TK 3000 only.

Perfume encounter
Eau Parfume`e is a fresh unisex cologne that finds its base in a blend of aromatic teas and distinct Mediterranean fragnances. Bulgari's newest baby is a sweet, delicate fragrance that's not overpowering in the least but exudes a sense of well being and serenity. Available at Lavender Shop at TK 4450.

Object of desire
Lavender's summer collection of bags features refreshing hues like pink, powder blue, beige and aquamarine. As well as interesting details like beads, cane and embossed leather. So hurry, pick' em up and swing! Available from TK 1000 onwards at Lavender shop, Gulshan II

Munch a brunch
Europe on a platter, particularly at snack time. Got your mouth watering? Lavender's newly opened bakery and confectionery has the best of feel-so-good snack food that's not-so-good-for-your-waist on its menu. The sugar doughnuts and chocolate muffins priced at TK 30 and TK40 are incredibly tasty. Even the soft cheese cake available at TK100 is a good option just to feast your eyes. Fresh croissants, Danishes and short breads are also available at affordable prices. What gone already?

Pretty as porcelain
You could be brewing up a storm in your tea cup with Lavender's delicate bone chine crockery and hand crafted porcelain plates. The tea sets are absolutely gorgeous, available at TK 725 onwards. Porcelain pots are also available in this shop that will leave you spellbound by the designs that are beautifully painted on their bodies. Also available at Lavender shop from TK 200 onwards.

Strawberry affair
This season Lakme's new product to hit the stores is the Lakme Strawberry Cream. It is a magic potion that can do wonders for your skin and keep it smooth and glowing always. The product also promises to have the goodness of fresh strawberries that help to provide the skin with the vital vitamins that it needs. Available at Nandan Super Shop, Banani, at TK 150.

By Sarah Zermin Huq


Notice how…
Just after a little rain, the Dhaka City gets submerged making it extremely difficult for the dwellers to move around. It is the same old story every year during the monsoon, which just started and will stay for quite sometime. The City Corporation is doing something useful about the problem we hope.

Get rid of faulty wires
Faulty wires can be very dangerous during the rain. If exposed to water something there is a higher chance of fire generated from electrical sources. For a safer household, always check electric wires for leakage or other faults.

Of rain and umbrellas
It would be wise to keep an umbrella in your bag. It could be a great help on one of those occasions of sudden rain.

Clean your surroundings
With the arrival of the rainy season, experience of living in water logged city is back. Ordinary people like us can do a lot to make things better. Starting from the para level, we can clean the drainage system around our house, which will make the stagnant water flow faster. Cleaning garbage and debris from the streets would also help. We can stop littering as well. All sorts of trash blocks the storm sewer line. Keeping the storm sewer line open is the most important thing if you do not want your area submerged in water. It is easy to achieve only if we could unite with our neighbours.

Protect your water Reservoir
Our brilliant sewage system means that water rises above certain levels whenever it rains. Water reservoir tanks are often built into garages or ground level. What happens is that the water from the sewage pipes may enter your reserve tank and you will end up drinking the water that has seen everything from dead cows to dead everything else. Raise the lip surrounding the cover of the tank. Also add purifying tablets every once in a while.

Of manholes
A reminder again about open manholes. It can be very dangerous so mark the open manholes in your surroundings. To the people of City Corporation, would you please do something about them!

By Shahnaz Parveen



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