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here style blends with simplicity

KARMA the boutique, has been established at the heart of Bijoy Sarani (besides Rangs Bhaban) on May, 2002. After completing her BBA from New York, Sohana Rouf Chowdhury has taken up dress design as her favorite pursuit besides a busy professional life. She has, in fact, inherited this store, earlier known as Visage, from her mother. Now under her management she intends to design clothes for a select group of people.

This self-made designer has succeeded to prove her ingenuity in every dress that she has in her collection. This summer, she has emphasized on white, the coolest color to wear in this sticky season. She has experimented with hues like fuschia, turquoise and aubergine. Sohana Rouf loves to work on cotton materials. Tie-dye is her another favorite, which sells like hot cake. She stresses simple yet modish cuts and designs, which are simply eye-catching. She has a splendid collection of chic short kameezes and trousers. Her cotton collection has been aimed at office-going women, who want to wear something fashionable yet comfortable. In Karma, outfits are often made-to-order. Apart from casual dresses, she has a display of party wear and saris. Women can also place orders for party clothing here in Karma. Her party salwar suits are trendy and upholds motifs in the forms of extensive embroidery and sequins. You can simply rock a party with a piece from Sohana's Karma.

She was a participant in last year's Bridal Asia festival. And this year too, she is taking part in this prestigious event with her muslin saris. She stated with regret that a handful of people has tarnished the image of our local Zamdani to the outside world, but Zamdani is a classic textile that has been admired by people for centuries.

She has planned to open up her second branch in Gulshan. This showroom will be located in Road #108, inside Bon Chides and will be starting from next month.
She never wanted her dresses to become common, which is a reason why there is only one set of each of her party outfits. Even her casual cotton wear outfits do not have more than 2 sets.

Her cotton salwar kameezes (blocks) sell for between tk.1,400 and tk. 2,000. The price of party suits ranges from tk.2,500 to tk.5,000 and the saris from tk.6,000 to tk.10,000.

She also collaborates with Indian dress designer Kavita Bharatiya, and these two creative women exchange their ideas and designs to further enhance each other's collections.

Aesthetic interior decoration and lighting have added to the ambience of this store. The location is terrific and there is ample space for safe parking if you take a car with you. Above everything, you can spot the boutique from the main street; there's no way you can miss this dress shop.

Bridal Asia has indeed been a feather in the cap of this pretty young lady, and we hope that she continues to triumph in her awesome apparels in the years ahead. And all of you out there, don't forget to check out Karma for an outfit that will truly enrich your wardrobe.

By Wara Karim



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