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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 7 | Issue 06| February 10, 2013 |


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Silly Tales

Confession of a Shopaholic

I always knew that I'm a shopaholic, but recently something bad happened that made me decide that enough is enough. Last week my friend asked me to go shopping with her in Aarong. Since I had spent half my pocket money already, I decided that I would not buy a thing and would just accompany her. But something really bad happened-- I fell in love with a dress. Not just any dress, but a very unusual, stylish, beautiful, blue dress. It was so gorgeous that I carried it around with me in the store being afraid that if I let it go, someone else would buy it. The only problem was, the dress was worth Tk 5000! So, when I tried the dress on, I asked my friend to say horrible things about the dress for my mental peace. Instead, she said, “Aww! You look just like a fairy!” And that was it! We ended up paying more than Tk 10,000 for all our things! My mom was pretty mad at me after hearing the whole thing. And I realised I shouldn't have gone this far.

Rifat Ara Mehruz Rasna
East West University, Dhaka.

Suspicious Food

When I lived in Singapore, I went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner once. We saw the menu but it was my first time in a Mexican restaurant so I did not understand the names and the types of food. My father and my uncle ordered the food. We were expecting them to give rich and oily food, since we're Bangladeshi, but the starter was a dry salad with vegetables! Then they gave us some triangular chips with green and yellow sauce. I tried one and it tasted horrible.Then the waiter gave some chicken nuggets. We hadn't realised that they were not chicken nuggets; they were pieces of octopus rolled with vegetables. We did not know it was octopus, we were just happy to find something rich and oily. When my mother and I found out it was octopus, we were astonished and my father and my uncle were laughing. This was my first encounter with octopus!

S Saba Sheerazi
Bangladesh International Tutorial, Dhaka.

Mistaken Identity

It was the year 2012, my family and I went shopping to Aarong and bumped into a lady who looked exactly like my 7th grade Geography teacher from school. I kept staring at her for a very long time, trying to recollect her name and then finally as it came to me, I started following her in a very creepy manner. Finally I gathered the courage to hug her from the back and greet her. She looked shocked and looked at me inquiring if she knew me. As a response, I told her I was her student in school. But she was in 'denial' and refused to accept the fact that I was her student. To my surprise, she was more toned down and softer than before. Finally, after conversing with her for a long time, she told me that she was not teaching anywhere and that her twin Zabeen Ahmed taught at a school. I was left awestruck and confused as to how two people could look so alike!

Amira Akram
Delhi Public School, Dhaka.

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