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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 7 | Issue 05| February 03, 2013 |


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Ekushey Boi Mela

Mr Fotash
At first glance 'Mr Fotash' by Rohit Hasan Kislu might seem like a yet another horror-comedy novel; however, it contains a deep message. The book is about a man's maiden war against corruption and injustice. The story takes a hilarious twist when spirits from afterlife come to rescue Mr Barek, the protagonist of the story, from the clutches of ruthless criminals. Students who need some inspiration with a dose of fun should read this book. Mr Fotash is published from Kakoli Prokashoni and costs Tk 100.
Higgs Proloy
For those who love sci-fi novels, 'Higgs Proloy' by Asif Mehdi can be a very good read. From troubles from outer space to daring activities by a Bangladeshi scientist, the book contains everything that the readers of science fictions wish for. The story revolves around a scientist who invents the ultimate technology through which one can reign all over the world. The real trouble begins when the scientist gets kidnapped by the members of an outlawed commando team who wants to destroy the whole world. This is when Turjo, one of the central characters in the story appears to save the world from the possible doomsday! 'Higgs Proloy' has been published from Adee Prokashon and costs Tk 140.

Bhooture Tilay Khyapa Club
Perhaps, there is no count of the youngsters who got inspired to go on brave expeditions after reading adventure novels. 'Bhooture Tilay Khyapa Club' by the young writer Mahhfuz Rahmaan can be an absolute treat for those fans of adventure. The book will take you to a mysterious journey along with a magician, who can summon ghosts anytime and a bunch of youngsters who would risk anything to resolve the mystery of Lilabotir Tila where strange thing happens. A complete page turner, this book would give goosebumps to the readers several times. Bhooture Tilay Khyapa Club is published from Shuvra Prokashon and costs Tk 150.



Fran Tarkenton

Former professional football player, TV personality, and computer software executive, Francis Asbury "Fran" Tarkenton was born in Richmond, Virginia, on 3 Febraury, 1940 (today is his 73rd birthday!). His father, Dallas Tarkenton, Sr., was a Pentecostal minister.Fran Tarkenton went to Athens High School in Athens, Georgia, and later attended the University of Georgia, where he was the quarterback on the Bulldog football team. He led Georgia to the 1959 Southeastern Conference championship under Coach Wally Butts. He is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Also, in Tarkenton's early years he was a member of the Masonic Youth Group DeMolay. The Minnesota Vikings drafted Tarkenton in the third round of the 1961 NFL Draft, and he was picked in the fifth round of the 1961 AFL draft by the Boston Patriots. He signed with the Vikings. Tarkenton, 21, played his first National Football League game (and the Vikings' first game) on September 17 against the Chicago Bears and led the Vikings to a victory by passing for 250 yards and four touchdown passes as the upstarts stunned the Bears 37–13. He is the only player in NFL history to pass for four touchdowns in his first NFL game.

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