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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 7 | Issue 04| January 27, 2013 |


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Silly Tales

SIN A= Sina

This incident occurred when I was in class nine. Our first term exam had just kicked off and all of us were ready for our math exam. I had one classmate named Shafiq who was hardly seen in the class. He only came to school on Thursdays since it lasted just half the day. Of course, he had to face the penalty fee at the end of each month owing to his being absent in classes. Anyway, Shafiq was sitting just beside me in the exam hall. All of a sudden, he stood up and drew the attention of the invigilator. What shafiq asked not only surprised the teacher but all of us too. He asked the teacher what 'sina' means. None of us could hold our laughter in. What he was asking about was 'SIN A', a term of trigonometry, but Shafiq thought it was an English term which must have had a meaning. He was not familiar with this term since he was absent in most of the classes on trigonometry. He was so embarrassed that he hardly missed any class from then on.

Md Ripon Ahmed
Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet.

Source of Anger

When I was in class six, we had a very angry English teacher. He was always mad at the whole class for no reason. He always yelled at us even if we didn't do anything wrong. Suddenly, one day he came to class with a big smile on his face which was a big surprise for us because we never saw him smile before. He came in and didn't even give us any class work which was also quite surprising for us because a day hasn't gone by that he didn't give us any homework. A boy, suddenly, asked him what was wrong with him. He told us that he is going on vacation after a long time. We all smiled at him, and another boy said that aunty (his wife) must be very happy. He then replied, “That's the best part, she is not going.” We all were very shocked and didn't know what to say. But we did find out where all his anger was coming from!

Muhammed Ali
Udayan Higher Secondary School,

Embarrassing Graduation

I had just finished high school and we were all ready for our graduation ceremony. We were all very excited. We arrived and we were all seated in our designated seats as the principal of our school went up on stage to hand out the certificates and medals. The moment my name was called up, there was cheer in the background since I was quite popular in my school. Little did I know that this was the day that would all go down the drain. I walked up to the stage and I was asked to give a speech. I gave the speech and the cheers went on and as I walked from one end of the stage to the other, from where I would get off, I mistakenly stepped on our principal's foot, she screamed and hearing her scream, I jumped back, tripped on my saree and fell flat on my face. It did not end there. As I got up, my whole saree almost came off. The cheers turned into laughter and since then I was remembered as 'the girl who fell on the stage on the day of her graduation!'

Nameeza Tasnim
Maple Lead International School, Dhaka

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