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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 7 | Issue 03| January 20, 2013 |


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Silly Tales

Virus Slayer

My younger sister always tries to impress me and had the habit of making me happy and proud of her. She did all of that because she looks up to me and loves me so much. She interferes in almost everything I do. A few days ago, my computer was not working fast enough. It was attacked by a virus. When I found out that my computer was being slow because of a virus I shouted out, ''Oh my God! Virus!” out of shock. Within a few moments, I noticed that my sister was standing beside me with a broom in her hand. I was very confused about why she was holding a broom. When I came to know the reason, I burst out laughing. My sister wanted to beat up and kill the virus which was troubling her beloved sister. I must mention that she was so young; she thought the virus to be an insect like a cockroach or something.

Afrida Tanjim Autoshi

Cock Fight

I am the kind of girl who was very afraid of chickens, cocks and other types of animals. A few days ago, I went to one of my mother's aunts house which is situated in a village, so obviously it was full of different animals. Though I got inside the house easily, when it was time to come back, I had to face a big problem. A big cock was standing in front of the house and it was not even moving, even though my cousins tried a lot to scare it away. So one of my cousins, Fardeen, came up with a plan. He went inside the house and returned after a while with a plastic whistle. We looked at him with confusion. He ignored us and immediately blew the pipe once and surprisingly, the cock, hearing the loud noise of the pipe, cried out! It kept doing it everytime he would blow that whistle. This continued for about five minutes as we watched their competition in utter amazement. But at last, the cock just gave up) and went away and as a result my cousin won the competition!

Maisha Ibnat
Rajuk Uttara Model College, Dhaka.

False Alarm

A couple of days ago, a couple of my cousins and I were watching The Grudge, a horror movie. It was midnight and we were getting quite scared. We couldn't even get out from underneath our blankets. After the movie ended, there was dead silence in the room. After a while, Soud, a cousin of mine, said, “Oh crap! I need to go to the bathroom.” We were still scared and we all told him not to go. But he went anyway. After a couple of seconds, we heard a scream! The scream came from the bathroom and we saw Soud running towards us. He told us that the evil boy from the movie is there. We rushed to the bathroom but there was nothing there. We asked him where it was. He then pointed to the drain and we saw a couple of hairs on the top. Anyone who has watched the movie knows about the whole hair conundrum. But we knew that even though he acted all brave, he was scared the most. We, immediately, burst out laughing.

Uday Adommo
Biam Laboratory School, Dhaka.

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