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Linking Young Minds Together
        Volume 7 | Issue 03| January 20, 2013 |


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Star Chat

Making Sense of Life!

News Presenter
Anouchka Imam Huq
Talks to
Rakibul Hasan

  courtesy: Anouchka Imam Huq

I studied at two different schools. Starting off at University Laboratory School, I moved to Udayan School later on. I was quite a goodie-two-shoes at school. However, I had my share of fun with my friends. Our gang of friends was famous in school for pulling weird pranks on everyone, including the teachers! Nevertheless, I didn't have to get admonished by the teachers, probably because I always managed to get good grades in exams. I was passionate about music from a very young age and used to take singing lessons in Chhayanaut. I loved to participate in the cultural programmes held in our school. Besides music, I also had an interest in Karate and I have actually won a Brown belt title in Karate!

After graduating from school, I joined Holy Cross College, Dhaka, for my higher secondary. At first, I felt a bit alienated in the college. However, eventually, I made a lot of friends and blended in successfully with my new surroundings. I still treasure the sense of discipline that I developed during my days in Holy Cross. I passed my HSC exams in 2003 and then got myself admitted to the Department of Economics at Dhaka University (DU). I felt very much at home in DU as I used to live with my parents in the residential area inside the DU campus. Life in DU was certainly a lot of fun. There was obviously tremendous pressure from the studies but the open environment of DU provided me with a sense of emancipation. Nevertheless, I can still remember the memory of being inundated in books and pulling all-nighters before exams. However, it was also the time when I began to contemplate about my career plans. At first I worked as an RJ in a private radio channel for a few days. I auditioned for the job of a news presenter in the private television channel, Banglavision, while I was still a student at university. I got selected for the job and started presenting news from 2010. Some people might consider presenting news to be a very easy task but in realty it takes so much preparations and responsibility. A news presenter always needs to stay informed about the news that he or she is going to present before the audience. Eloquence is a much needed quality for every new presenter to sustain the attention of the audience. In 2011, I joined Independent Television and currently, I am presenting the news for the channel.

At present, I am pursuing an MBA degree from University of Dhaka. Though I do not plan much, I want to be an entrepreneur in the future. I dream for a boutique shop of my own. It's also my dream to establish a school for the underprivileged children someday. I would like to urge all the young people to think out of the box. Because it's only when you get off the beaten path and create your own ways, you stand out as someone extraordinary.

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