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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 7 | Issue 01| January 06, 2013 |


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Silly Tales

'Nanu's Promise

I was in class 8 when a New Year had just started and I asked my grandmother for a computer as a present. She agreed but she set one condition .She said that she will give me one if only I stood at any position between 1st and 10th in the class. I tried really hard to do so. But fate played a cruel joke on me. I stood 11th and, that too, because I had gotten just one mark less than the person who took in the 10th position. I cried a lot and it got even worse once I got home. But suddenly I heard a sentence that I couldn't understand at first. Then I realised what my grandmother was trying to say. Her exact words were, "Ok! Ok! Stop crying. I'll buy you a computer. You've tried and that's the spirit." I instantly smiled! And now I'm writing this story in that very computer. But my grandmother has passed away. Because of her, my childhood was amazing! I miss my 'nanu'.

Anower Jahan Shofol
Notre Dame College, Dhaka.

A Remarkable Resemblance

When I was in the eighth grade in Mastermind school, I was in dire need of a Pure Maths teacher, since it was a completely new subject for me. My mother wanted me to take tuition at home, so we looked for a private tutor ready to teach at home. Despite all our efforts, we could not get anyone to help me. Just then, my music teacher appeared as a saviour. He suggested that I take some help from him, as he was a part-time Math teacher at an English medium school. I was so relieved that someone had come to my aid! One day, my cousin arrived due to some work with my mother and found me in the middle of music class with my tutor. After a week, she was there again, but this time, she found me in the dining room, solving math, with the same person! Confused, she said to my mother, "Chachi(aunty), Priyanti's Music teacher and Math teacher have remarkable resemblance; I am sure they are twins, aren't they?" My mother could not stop herself from laughing out loud!

Priyanti Zaman
Bhuiyan Academy, Dhaka.

Wash Room Trouble

This happened when I was in the first grade. One of my male classmates came from the washroom and informed us that one senior student had vomited blood! Everyone was eager to watch the nasty stuff, and so we all went to the boys' washroom (including girls!). After returning, we were horrified to find Shahnaz miss (our Computer teacher) standing at our classroom door and staring at us angrily. She asked every boy to go back to their seat and screamed at the girls for going to the boys' wash room and asked them to hold their ears and stand outside the class. One of my friends tried to act smart and told the teacher that she was just coming from the nurse’s room and went back to her seat. I couldn't stand her lying and replied back, "Teacher, do not believe her. She went with us." After sometime, we went back to our seat but she had to stand outside holding her ears for the whole period!

Nishat Tasnim
Hurdco International School, Dhaka.

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