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Linking Young Minds Together
        Volume 7 | Issue 01| January 06, 2013 |


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Book Week

Students of SSK dressed as various fictional characters from the books read. Courtesy: Israt Jahan

The Joy of Reading

Israt Jahan

Recently, Singapore School Kinder land, Dhaka (SSK) observed their “Book Week” in its premises at Gulshan. SSK believes that reading is a fundamental part of every child's life and the love for reading should be a lifelong journey. The book week lasted for a period of five days packed with enthusiasm and excitement! Throughout the academic year, SSK students remain busy with an assortment of events besides their regular curriculum activities.

Singapore School Kinder land, Dhaka (SSK) is a Singaporean franchise located in Central Gulshan. It follows a curriculum which has been based and established in Singapore over a long period of time. In order for the curriculum to be suited to its local arena, the school works with an International Advisory Panel to blend the moral values of the East with the resourcefulness of the West. During the “Book Week”, each of the classes chose a famous children's storybook such as, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Ugly Duckling”, “Three little Pigs” etc. Often, children are seen to resent reading in their early stages of learning and in order to overcome this barrier, “Book Week” was introduced. During “Book Week”, the children are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to prepare a diorama and this enables them to grasp the importance of weaving illustrations in one's mind while reading simple words. The magic of a book is introduced to them during this week.

Various psychological tests and researches have proven time and again that children follow their loved ones who are older than them, like parents, older siblings, teachers, grandparents, etc. Keeping that in mind, SSK organised Parent's Reading Sessions throughout the week where busy parents got the chance to read their child a story. And not only that, their teachers were also involved in being a little playful and enjoying “Book Week” as the teachers dressed up as the characters of “Little Red Riding Hood” and enacted the story out. The students of Pre-School were in fits of giggles and watched their teachers' being silly! The performance was truly wonderful!

The last day of “Book Week” was a grand one and it seemed as if one was taken to the world of fables, fairies and Disney! The students came to school dressed up as their favourite character and it seemed as if each one of them had just stepped out of their books! They were truly in character! The students of Primary Section introduced themselves as different characters of “Narnia” while the senior students of the Secondary Section performed a thrilling drama based on the sensational novel “To Kill a Mocking bird” by Harper Lee. Peals of laughter filled the air as the students played out acts of an assortment of stories and the entire atmosphere was absolutely festive!

“Book Week” motivated students to enhance their reading and also gave them structure on how to read without ever feeling the need to be bored! In addition to this, they learned the historical significance that certain books holds and also, learnt how to analyse and interpret books from different perspectives. The joy of reading can only truly be cherished when one let's his or her imagination flow in a land where no one can enter - we hope that Book Week will be able to inculcate this into the minds of our young generation.

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