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Linking Young Minds Together
       Volume 7 | Issue 01| January 06, 2013 |


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After Class

Learning in a Playful Environment

Ishtiaque Ahmed Syed
Photos: Ishtiaque Ahmed Syed

Students are able to get the real taste and understanding of what they have learned so far.

"Meet the Corporate Icon” or “MTCI”, an initiative of Promoton, aims at providing the enthusiastic young generation an opportunity to exhibit the combination of knowledge, skills and experiential knowledge. Students unknown to the professional world are able to get the real taste and understanding of what they have learned so far through their interactions with today's corporate icons.

“Meet the Corporate Icon” is the first ever learning and interactive seminar of its kind to take place in Chittagong where students and young corporate individuals learn in a playful environment through an interactive seminar. International universities usually construct such interactive seminars as part of their university programmes to engage students with change and innovation in the heart of the process of teaching and learning. In addition, it enabled the students to articulate professional knowledge and to make them become the key players in the growing international community.

The first MTCI Seminar, initiated and organised by Promoton, was held on December 15, 2012 in Chittagong Lions Foundation premises. The icon of this event was Aftab Mahmud Khurshid, a winner of 'Brand Leadership Award' at Asia Brand Congress, 2007 and very well known as a brand catalyst and marketing specialist in the corporate arena of Bangladesh.

The session titled, “Brand you, Brand business”, was an eye opener for the participants. The event had a contemporary style to it, starting off with an ice-breaking session. Participants from different universities such as Chittagong University (CU), North South University (NSU), International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC), East Delta University (EDU), University of Sciences and Technology, Chittagong (USTC) and Southern University (SU) all became close in a short amount of time. This was followed by a concise and informative lecture session on marketing, branding, the right way of branding, and essence of branding by Aftab. The next stage of the event was group work where the participants, divided into groups, had to create brand attributes which were later judged by Aftab himself. The seminar finally concluded with an appreciation ceremony where Professor Muhammad Shekandar Khan, Vice- Chancellor, East Delta University handed an Icon Crest to Aftab. Other honourable guests present at the ceremony were Ln Najmul Huq Chaudhury, MJF, Chairman, Chittagong Lions Foundation and Rafique Ahamed, Past District Governor, Lions Clubs International, Chittagong.

Promoton, a brainchild of few hyperactive marketing students of 21st century with undefined creativity, marketing knowledge, practical experience and passion, designs seminars such as ‘Meet the Corporate Icon’ to help students and young learners achieve self-efficacy, self-worth, a sense of deep satisfaction and most of all embody a high level of confidence. It plans to continue MTCI seminars, bringing experts and leaders of corporate arena as icons to the young enthusiasts to talk about the professional world, business, career paths etc in Chittagong after every two months. To know more about MTCI seminar and to participate, visit www.promotonbd.com or join www.facebook.com/ promotonbd.

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