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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 52 | December 30, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

A Fiasco

When I was only five, I used to do a lot of silly things. One day, we were getting ready for a picnic. I peered through the curtain and saw my mom and elder sisters putting eyeliner over their eye-lashes. I was quite charmed by the beauty and slyly stole a nail-polish from the dressing-table. Dipping the brush into the pot, I began gliding it across my eye-lid. A moment later, I opened my eyes. I immediately started yelling and was shouting for help. My mom came running and panicked. She managed to remove the hard outer layer with her nails. My dad was already bursting into flames of anger and refused to go to the picnic. Thank God, that now, I know the difference between eyeliner and a nail-polish!

Srabonti Habib
Maple Leaf International School,

I Did it Again!

It was a cold winter in 2009 and our school decided to not give us any winter vacation. Like many students I also didn't want to go to school. Like everyday I was struggling to go to school on time. My mother woke me up and somehow I reached my school. I noticed that everybody from the junior classes were laughing at me. But I didn't give them any attention and reached my class. The teacher asked me, 'Where is your bag?' Then I noticed that I forgot to bring my bag. At once all the students of my class started laughing. My face turned red in embarrassment. I still laugh with my friends about this incident.

Isham Rahman
Bangladesh, Jessore.

Man versus Goat!

It was a few days before the last Eid-ul-Adha. I, along with my cousins went to a cattle market to buy a sacrificial animal. As we were bargaining with a cattle trader, suddenly there was a chaos around us. My immediate apprehension was that some angry bull had gotten lose and went on a rampage. As we were about to flee from the scene, just then, we discovered that it was actually a small group of people who were making the noise in that overcrowded market place to make way for their newly bought goat!

Zarif Ahmed
University of Chittagong,

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