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Linking Young Minds Together
        Volume 6 | Issue 52 | December 30, 2012 |


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For Your Dream Wedding!

Promiti Prova Chowdhury
Photos: Wedding Diary

Wedding ceremonies in our country are the most colourful and elaborate of all social events. Nowadays, it has become opulent more than ever, especially in the well-off strata of society. Starting from the engagement to the post wedding reception, the host families' focus is to make each and every ritual perfect and unforgettable. Sometimes it becomes an excruciating job for the organisers to actually take care of each and everything from the never ending list for arranging a wedding ceremony. But, at the end of the series of animated events, the only thing that lasts is not the food, not the DJ, not the make-up of the bride. It is the photographs and the video! But what will happen if you have appointed a really good team of photographers but the colour of your sari and your background are both red? Or, what if you have chosen a classy white background with small golden electronic lights beaming on it, but, the low angled front lights on your stage have created such shades on your face that you look like a person who have been suffering from insomnia due to pre-wedding jitters!

The Thai wedding, recently covered by Wedding Diary.

Everyone wants to make their wedding ceremonies dreamy and priceless. Everyone wants to create something out of the box but ends up having the same old ceremonies where the guests' sole participation remains confined to only eating and giving gifts. For that dreamy effect it is essential to have a synchronisation in between the major sections of a wedding, namely, photography, videography, décor and event management. With a view like that, Wedding Diary, the event management firm started its journey back in 2006, with Prito Reza, being the man behind the scene.

“Back in 2006 I used to do wedding photography just to meet my educational expenses at Pathshala. At the same time, I used to contribute in different newspapers. But wherever I introduced myself as a wedding photographer I was really looked down upon, whereas appreciated if introduced as a photojournalist. Wedding photography was not considered as a prestigious job at that time. This attitude of society was really disappointing and I took this as a challenge to myself to break that mindset. With this aim I started Wedding Diary with almost no manpower,” says Reza.

He shares, “In 2009, we, the Wedding Diary, hold an exhibition titled, 'Wedding Photo Journalism Exhibition' at Dhanmondi's Drik Gallery which was the first of its kind in Bangladesh. It can be called a milestone in our journey. We had a hard time in finding a sponsor and I did not have the financial ability either. But, somehow we managed and it was a great success. However, back then the term 'Wedding Photo Journalism' was completely unknown in Bangladesh. The other journalists found it sort of insulting! But it is quite a well-known genre at other countries of the world. I just tried to popularise it here.”

Each picture telling a story from the weddings.

Prito Reza, the CEO of Wedding Diary. Photo: Palash

Now, what makes Wedding Diary different? “In photojournalism, when we capture a picture, we try to demonstrate a story through it. The same process can be followed in a wedding also. Previously in the weddings, most of the photographs were like people posing and smilingly in front of a camera. But, in Wedding Diary we try to tell a story through our photos. Though I am running this organisation from a commercial aspect, my main purpose is to enhance the industry of wedding photography in Bangladesh.”

Wedding Diary recently has stepped in the international market. It covered a wedding ceremony in Thailand and have more international assignments in line. “Recently we have covered a Thai wedding. The couple got to know about us through word of mouth and was quite amazed by our work online. It was a great experience. We have more assignments to be held in Delhi, Singapore and Malaysia in January.”

Wedding Diary offers internships for young people. Prito Reza, the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Photographer of Wedding Diary says, “We offer courses on Wedding Photography. Enthusiastic young people are more than welcome to do internships at our firm. But they have to remember that there are no shortcuts and they need to have dedication, not just fascination.”

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