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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 47 | November 25, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

A Teacher's Shock!

There was a picnic hosted by our college once. We, the 2nd year students, huddled up in the bus feeling super excited. Students were all screaming and dancing as there were no teachers on the bus yet. Some students even stood up on the seats and started singing and dancing to popular Bollywood numbers. But all our excitement went down the drain when our Computer teacher, Nasir sir, entered the bus. Now, this is the guy we all feared to death. He was always one of those teachers who was really serious and didn't really talk much. He came by the bus and stared at us. We acted like we weren't doing anything. So he took our attendance and then suddenly started dancing while singing, 'My name is shila, shila ki jawani'. We were all blown away by this and joined him. Since then, he has been our most favourite teacher in collage.

Muhammed Ali
Udayan Higher Secondary School, Dhaka.

Mr Bean and I

When I was in class 3, I was hooked to the comedy show of Mr Bean. So I started to copy his facial expressions and mannerisms. My classmates were also influenced by me and, promptly, turned into my followers. Their parents were puzzled to notice the strange behaviour of their children—twisting lips, hanging jaws and blinking eyes. They soon found out who was behind these abnormalities and complained to the teachers who summoned my parents to give them a piece of their minds for my 'mischief'. You can imagine what followed was neither pleasant to my ears nor comfortable for my body. That cut short my role of a comedian, but even today, my class mates and some of my beloved teachers referred to me as Mr Bean.

Syed Towsif Imran
Maple Leaf International School,

Party blow!

It was my cousin's birthday. It was her first birthday 'party', celebrating her third birthday. In the evening, we prepared everything and called her. She stood on a chair and the cake was in front of her on a lower table. I lit up the candles and switched off the fan. Everybody, who was standing around the table, told her to blow out the candles. But she didn't understand at first. After some time, she smiled and said that it was easy. Then she dipped her mouth in the cake and tried to put the candles out. The cake was spilled on all our face as well as hers. Our beautiful dresses got spoilt. We were, for a moment, very annoyed at such behaviour. But then, all of us, including the three year–old child, burst into laughter. It was a very funny incident. Even when I recall it today, I laugh out loud.

Mahdia Akter
Maple Leaf International School,

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