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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 46 | November 18, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Silly Excuse

Last December, we had a class party. We reached an hour earlier to decorate our classroom. One of our friends was told to bring the CD player and the balloons. We finished all our work and waited for her. When we called her at half-past nine, she said that she was on her way. But the fact was, she was on the way to her cousin's house from where she would bring her things. The shortest hand of the clock passed from 9 to 10, and she still wasn't there. We could neither dance nor open our section's door as the party was only half arranged. At last, she arrived at 11 am. We all surrounded her, each of us very mad. But she was so normal that we only asked her what the time was. Looking at the wall clock, she stumbled back and said that it was at 7 am in her mobile when she set off! Then she recalled that her mobile was switched off for last few weeks, so it showed the wrong time. Finding no fault of her, we did not scold her but her silly 'time' excuse spoilt all our fun.

Mahdia Akter
Maple Leaf International School, Dhaka.

Mud Crab

I am a student of Fisheries at the Aquaculture Department of Bangladesh Agricultural University in Myemensingh. Last week, we took a short trip to Khulna for practical work to see the farming of mud crabs. We were 50 students and our teachers had decided to use the bus as our form of transport for us. We had a lot of fun during the journey and our teachers joined in too! We reached Khulna at 4:30 pm at the fisheries station. The next day we went to visit the mud crab farming system. We were divided into two groups—Group A and Group B (the group I was in). The teachers asked us to go to the pond nearby and catch some aquatic weed and small fish using our hands. When I put my hand inside the pond, something bit me so hard! When I took my hand out, I saw a small mud crab was biting on my finger! While every one was laughing at me, my teacher appreciated the fact that I had caught a mud crab, even if it was by accident and I had to be in pain to do so!

M N Saleh Bayazid
Bangladesh Agricultural University, Myemensingh.

Sleepy Head

When I was in the 8th grade, I used to find our Literature classes really boring. I always used to sleep through the classes. In fact, every time I'd see my Literature teacher’s face, it would remind me of sleeping. During our final exam though, that had gotten me into a lot of trouble. While I was prepared for the exam, just when my teacher had entered the classroom I had started yawning and getting heavy-headed. Within minutes I had fallen asleep while, and I'm emphasising on the word 'while', I was writing an answer to a question! To this day, I can't figure out how that had happened! I woke up 10 minutes before the exam finished, hurried and wrote all my answers and, to my surprise, I had finished it. When I asked my teacher why he hadn't woken me up, he said, “Since, you're so used to sleeping in my class, I'm used to it too!”

Nafisa Alamgir
American International University,
Bangladesh, Dhaka.

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