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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 46 | November 18, 2012 |


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Campus Edibles

Best in Every Sense

Naziba Basher
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

They say the quickest way to a man's heart is his stomach. I'm sorry, but I find that sentence discriminative. The quickest way to ANYONE'S heart is his or her stomach. And when that stomach gets a load of soft, succulent, juicy, mouth-watering (I could go on forever) bites of steaming spicy chicken, the heart will explode (figuratively, of course) with joy and warmth!

When it comes to the much loved 'fried chicken', Bangladesh doesn't stop at providing many (and when I say many, I mean MANY) different fast food joints with exactly that as their main attraction. There are many *place letter here* FCs, following the trend of the age old KFC offering fried chicken. One of those many stores that has found a place in youngsters' hearts is BFC (Best Fried Chicken). There's just something about the chicken in BFC that makes your mouth water just at the sight of it.

“The fried chicken is just so delicious here. I even get cravings for BFC every now and then and just pop in here for some chicken,” says Shimanta Rahman, a student of BRAC University. He adds, “When you combine that with the slightly sweet coleslaw, it becomes quite a treat for your taste buds. I would definitely recommend BFC to whoever has a liking for fried chicken.”

The BFC favourites!

Like Shimanta, students all across the city prefer BFC over any other fried chicken store available. BFC originally started out with Malay staff who had come from KFC Malaysia. With their skills and experience in making the perfect chicken added with the essence of Bangladesh- spice, BFC became a hit in no time. Apart from the fried chicken, the second best item on the menu is the burger (which seems to have a big chunk of fried chicken stuffed in between two buns anyway!).

BFC is absolutely perfect when someone needs 'fast' food, in the truest sense. It is easily available, easy to gobble up, easy on your wallet and satisfying, all at once! The chicken in BFC costs only Tk 80 per piece while the burger costs Tk 180. Another favourite meal is the Rice Combo which offers rice for one person along with four chicken wings, one small coleslaw and a glass of Pepsi, all rounding up to Tk 190. Separately, the rice costs Tk 75 and the coleslaw costs Tk 40 while the Pepsi is also Tk 40. Rest assured, you are bound to get a good, fulfilling meal within Tk 200 and that is an absolute treat for any student (heart, mind and tummy combined!).

BFC is situated all over the city—Dhanmondi road 28, Panthapath (Bashundhara City), Gulshan 2 and also, many other shopping malls around will have a branch of BFC for hungry shoppers.

Keeping all of that in mind, BFC, as proven, really is the place to go for students when keeping true to certain criteria, or 'needs', if you will— having a good meal in a small budget, having a branch available nearby for you to just pop in, and most important of all, eating the best fried chicken to your heart's content!



Humayun Ahmed

Author, dramatist, screenwriter, playwright and filmmaker, Humayun Ahmed was born on November 13, 1948. Humayun's younger brother, Muhammed Zafar Iqbal, a university professor, is also a writer of mostly science fiction genre and a newspaper columnist. Another brother, Ahsan Habib, is a painter and the editor of Unmad, a cartoon magazine. Humayun Ahmed went to many schools in Sylhet, Comilla, Chittagong, Dinajpur and Bogra as his father lived in many places upon official assignment. He passed the School Certificate Examination as a student of Bogra Zilla School in 1965. He stood second in the merit list in the Rajshahi Education Board. Later he was admitted to the Dhaka College and passed the Intermediate Examination in 1967. He initially planned to study economics but suddenly changed his mind and got admitted into the Dhaka University to study Chemistry. He passed both BSc (Honours) and MSc with First Class. Subsequently, he joined the Dhaka University as a Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry. Later, he went abroad to the North Dakota State University in the United States to study for PhD. After having studied physical chemistry for two years, he was impressed by the lecture of a professor of polymer chemistry; and eventually secured a PhD degree in polymer chemistry. He returned to Bangladesh and resumed teaching at the Dhaka University. He retired as a teacher around mid 1990s to devote all his time to writing and production of film.

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