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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 46 | November 18, 2012 |


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After Class

Masquerade Medley 2012

Arman Rahman Khan and Kazi Akib Bin Asad

Following its success from the previous year, the English Club of North South University organised 'Masquerade Medley 2012' on November 7, 2012 at the Recreation Center of the university. The event comprised of a Costume Competition and a Public Speaking Contest, along with a band performance.

Masquerade Medley is one of the biggest events presented by the English Club of NSU. The pioneer of the Medley, Tamoha Binte Siddiqui, alumnus and former president of the club, was present too. Making a reference to Shakespeare's famous quote ‘All the world's a stage, and we are merely actors,’ she said that the members of the club wanted to provide a platform to every student of NSU to showcase their inner actors and performers, and hence, the concept of the event was born. “One of the reasons we came up with the idea of the Masquerade Medley is that we wanted to change the 'nerdy' image of the English Club. We wanted to show rest of NSU that events organised by the English club are fun, exciting, as well as educational,” she added.

Courtesy: English Club, NSU.

President of the English Club, Ateef Rashid, commented that it was a tough job as the expectation regarding this event has raised a lot since last year, but it was worth it. “It was fun working in a team and I really hope that the members will stick with the club when my term is over,” he said.

The hall was decorated in red and purple with blue and white neon lighting and the pillars were decorated with stars and balloons. A stage was put up and sufficient seating arrangements were provided. A photo booth for the guests was also set up at a corner.

The event was hosted by Ateef Rashid, Tamoha Binte Siddiqui and Rizwanur Rob. The evening began with the Costume Competition as participants walked over the stage and introduced themselves and the characters they portrayed. From gallant superheroes to blood-sucking vampires and rich sheikhs to heavenly goddesses – it was a close competition with so many astounding characters trying their best to make an impression. Farhan Choudhury and Qazi Asif Samad appeared as the winners of the competition who successfully played the roles of a zombie and a transgender, respectively. Next, it was time for the Public Speaking Contest, where contestants spoke about their costumes. While some contestants made the audience laugh, some characters such as 'Alice' from 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Holly Golightly' from 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' moved the crowd with their heart-touching speeches. Although it was a heated competition, the three fair judges, who were the faculty members of the English Department of NSU, finally revealed another pair of joint winners – Alice (played by Nifath Karim) and The Scarecrow (played by Shan Hussain).

“I have always been interested in reading and writing. It feels great to win the public speaking competition. The whole event went without a glitch, and I enjoyed every bit of it,” said Nifath, a new member of the English Club.

Candle Carmine, a newly formed band of NSU, entertained the crowd with some soothing musical numbers. The event concluded with people dancing to the new K-Pop craze – PSY's 'Gangnam Style'. The success of this year's Masquerade Medley is a sign of the club's growth. Such an initiative is praiseworthy, and best wishes to the English Club family for its future endeavours.

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