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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 43 | October 30, 2012 |


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Dynamic Duo!

Sumaiya Ahsan Bushra

Tarek Abdullah Al Munim (L) and Sabbir Ahmed (R). PHOTO CREDIT: KAZI SHAHRIAR AHMED

As a nation, we have it ingrained in us, the ability to fight and survive in the most dangerous of situations. The survival of the fittest is very much in our nature. In the recent few years, Bangladesh has produced some of the greatest talents in the corporate sector who have proved their worth in the world arena. Likewise, this year, two remarkable young men have been chosen to represent themselves from Bangladesh at the Cannes Lions Young Marketers competition which is scheduled to be held in June, 2013. This competition is more about dedicating to nurture the young talent of the corporate industry and the festival does what it can to motivate, educate and grow the fresh blood that this industry builds on.

Tarek Abdullah Al Munim, who completed his BBA and MBA from Institute of Business Administration, along with Sabbir Ahmed, an MBA student from North South University, were the two champions of Young Lions Marketer Competition Bangladesh, 2013, organised by Bangladesh Brand Forum. They represented the Grameenphone team at this competition. The day long brand strategy and communication session was held on October 13, 2012 at Bangladesh Brand Forum Center.

The different stage included assigning the participant teams to develop a brand strategy with the communication strategy to participate in the World Travel Market, 2012, in London from November 5-8, 2012. The tasks that need to be delivered were a two page agency brief, presentation on brand essence, promise and personality, and communication strategy. The brief has to be focused on a business to business communication to the agency and each team received the opportunity to submit the written brief and present it within a span of 10 minutes. The pressure in these three stages was immense as one team out of the many makes it to the top.

However, the young marketeers did not seem to face a lot of obstacles their way. They were given a detailed idea on what they have to deliver. But, since all of the teams were presenting on the same topic, they had to keep in mind that their idea must be innovative- something which would instantly place them on the forefront. The brief which they presented was about Bangladeshi branding, so it was challenging to some extent. Portraying one's country to the international market with so many odds and negativities is difficult, as explained by Sabbir Ahmed. However, beating all these difficulties, the brand positioning and communication strategies impressed the juries which were formed by CEO's and MD's from advertising agencies.

Like soldiers on a battlefield, Tarek Abdullah Al Munim and Sabbir Ahmed, had one goal in their mind-logical strategy. Although, both of them have been involved in formulating strategy plans with their company yet the platform of the competition was different. There were several great minds and it was a fierce competition where each competitor presented a logical solution behind their strategies. But, the key differentiator that made the difference is the preciseness of their brief and method of approach they would follow for the agency. The session focusing on the presentation was tricky, because both the participants had to make it concise.

Most human beings by nature want to grasp or clutch onto victory. Who doesn't love to win? The dynamic duo, Munim and Sabbir, states, “Obviously we participated because we wanted to win the title and we just made it happen! But honestly, we didn't expect such an overwhelming response from our friends and others.” They add, “By being the champions, we have increased everyone's expectation, and so we are completely looking forward to Cannes, where we would get a chance to participate along with global standard marketers. High expectation and immense appreciation are the part and parcel of our confidence to perform well at the Cannes.”

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