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      Volume 6 | Issue 43 | October 30, 2012 |


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The Daily Star enriches CU Museum

Arun Bikash Dey

Chittagong University (CU) Museum, the only university museum of the country, has been enriched after The Daily Star handed over Odommo Chattagram (Indomitable Chittagong) Historical Exhibition objects reflecting the rich history, heritage and culture of Chittagong to it.

Observing the ancient artifacts given to CU Museum by the Daily Star. Courtesy: Chittagong University

A colourful programme was organised on October 11, 2012 at the Chittagong University (CU) campus. Editor and Publisher of The Daily Star, Mahfuz Anam formally handed over a replica of a coin of Harikela period (Seventh century to 1340 AD) as a token of the exhibition objects to Professor Anwarul Azim Arif, Vice-Chancellor of CU.

The objects were previously exhibited at 'Chirayato Chattagram Prodarshani' (Eternal Chittagong Exhibition) organised by The Daily Star as part of its 'Odommo Chattagram' (Indomitable Chittagong) festival from March to April this year.

A total of 77 photographs, an artwork depicting the lifestyle of the people of Chittagong in pre-historic period, a model of a Mughal tomb and a painting on Karnaphuli battle of 1666 between Mughals and Arakans were handed over. Also, there was a map on the communication system of Chittagong in Sultanate and Mughal periods.

Of the photographs, 18 are of various types of copper plates. They depicted vases and coins of Harikela periods; 20 of them are tombs and mosques. From the Sultanate period, photographs of the gateway to the tomb of Badr Auliya, the arch of Mihrab (found in the ruins of Chuti Khan Masjid), 'dochala' gateway to enter into the 'shaan' of Hammadyar Masjid were on display. The photographs of the recently removed interiors of the Fakirer Masjid and Buddha depicting Abhaya Mudra, tombs and ruins of different structures of Mughal period including gateway of Haji Masjid, Kadam Mubarak Mosjid, the tomb of Mullah Miskin, Shahjahani tomb, Wali Khan's Mosque, Posterpar Masjid, Bagh Hamza tomb and ruins at Rangmahal Hill became the centre of attraction. Some photographs also hold different structures of colonial period including the Central Railway Building, Mirzar Pool, Chittagong Court Building, Darul Adalat, Chittagong General Hospital and the factory and warehouse.

Students and teachers of CU expressed their gratitude to The Daily Star for handing over these objects to CU Museum. They also expressed their hope that other organisations and individuals will follow the example of The Daily Star to enrich the CU Museum.

Abdullah-al-Mamun, a student of the Department of Islamic History and Culture, said, “Through the objects handed over by The Daily Star, the students and visitors will come to know about Chittagong and its heritage more distinctively.” Professor Anwarul Azim Arif, the Vice-Chancellor of CU expressed his gratitude to The Daily Star for coming up with such a remarkable initiative.

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