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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 41 | October 14, 2012 |


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Campus Trends

The Hair Conundrum

Naziba Basher

Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

With the heated afternoons and mildly chilly nights, clothes are a huge concern. What to wear, what not to wear, how to come up with something that will suit both day and night, are all questions that keep running through the mind before getting out of the house. But one thing that is always a bother is the hair. During the day, the hair gets oily because of excessive sweating and then by the time the sun goes down, it's just a massive mess, stuck in a sticky yet dirty state.

People generally think tying it up is the only solution. But there's no reason to hold back on style for this! Hair accessories are very helpful during this time of the year when you need to keep track of your hair's 'whereabouts' and also, keep your style in check.

Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

There are many different kinds of hair clips, pins and bands that you will just have to mix and match with your outfit. Different accessories suit different occasions and with that in mind, you can keep away from the heat and humidity and look as fashionable as ever. Anyone with any hair style can throw in a headband and completely change her look. A popular kind of headband that is in, are the ones embellished with a flower on the side. This look has increased in popularity amongst young, university going girls since the show, 'Gossip Girl' became a hit TV series. Headbands that have crystals and other 'shiny' elements are also a big hit, especially if you have your hair swept up into an up do. Athletes can wear a thin, fabric headband around the very front of their hairline to look stylish and to keep the hair out of their face as they run and sweat.

Jaw clips are pretty much used as an alternative to a hair tie for keeping longer hair up and out of the way. Jaw clips come in a range of sizes, colours and styles-- including really small 'mini jaw clips.' There're even jewel encrusted ones.

Barrettes are used for gathering, fastening or clipping the hair; for example to hold the hair in a half up style, a ponytail, or to clip the bangs out of the eyes. Barrettes come in a range of sizes, and some are more decorative than the others.

Snap clips are the little metal clips that come in a range of colours, and make a 'snapping' sound when they close. Snap clips come in a range of sizes and colours too.

Using hair sticks instead of combs, pins and clips to secure up-styles that involve gathering, twisting or rolling the hair is a smart option. They can also be worn purely for adornment. Hair sticks often come in pairs, and are sometimes plain (like chopsticks) or quite ornate and made from quality materials like silver, with decorative ends and dangling ornamentation. They come in different lengths and sizes as well. You can even use just one to keep a neat bun fastened.

All these accessories (and even more!) can be found in almost any super store starting from Almas to New Market. The prices range from store to store but one accessory is bound to cost you less that Tk 100 to Tk 150.

With all of these beautiful accessories available at an affordable price, there is no reason for you to suffer with open hair in this weather. You can look unique when you are comfortable and these accessories are just the thing you will need! Go to your nearest store and grab a handful, to treat your hair with care, respect and style!

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