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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 41 | October 14, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Sweater Incident

When we were in Chittagong Cantonment Public School and College, my friends, Rubel, Sankar, Ali, Mirza, Emon, and I never followed the college dress code. A funny incident happened during winter because the college followed a unique dress code and we had to purchase that specific uniform from a selected store chosen by the college authority. Otherwise we would be punished. However, during one winter, we had decided not to buy the sweater from that store because it was expensive for us; therefore we went to a hawkers market and found six blue sweaters at a cheaper rate. Next day, when we went to college we saw that our Physical Training class had already started on the field. We stood almost at the end of the queue. While inspecting uniforms, the teacher realised that the six of our sweaters' colours were different from others. Ours were deep blue and, on the other hand, others' wore navy blue! Finally the teacher understood that we did not buy the sweaters from the selected store. So our sweaters were taken off and the punishment was to stay in the field without sweaters, in the cold!

Asif Iqbal Chowdhury
Chittagong Cantonment Public School and College, Chittagong.


When I was in class VI, an unforgettable thing had happened. It was the seventh period and we had our games class. Before we would start playing, we were always persuaded to do some physical exercise for at least 10 minutes, while the class was only for 40 minutes. We had an elephant structured friend who was from Germany. We all used to make fun of him for how huge he was and whenever he walked, we used to feel the ground vibrate! The funny thing is that, during that particular games class, that boy was continuously jumping beside me and I thought that there was an earthquake! Right then, I got so scared that I started screaming like a girl and began to warn everyone that an earthquake was happening! Then a boy came laughing towards me and said that it was because of that boy that I thought there was an earthquake!

Debashish Sarkar Durjoy
HURDCO International School.

Wrong Day for Pranks!

I was a very naughty boy since childhood-- being the intolerable one in all classes, for almost all the teachers. Sadly, just because of my good grades, I never got kicked out of school and I pushed my teachers to a point where they wanted me to learn a lesson. One fine day, during the break period, I was being my usual self, running around the corridors, bumping into random students. I had a signature trick where I'd make people trip while they would pass by me. Having that intention in mind, I was hiding in the students washroom so that I could make someone trip while entering. I did trip somebody, but, sadly, it was no student. Our vice principal was inspecting all the washrooms as it was maintenance day and when he entered the one I was hiding in and - BAM! I was suspended for a pretty long time and came out with the lesson learned. Later, my teachers teased me on how they celebrated the long week without my presence.

Sabbir Ahmed
Academia, Dhaka.

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