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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 41 | October 14, 2012 |


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News Snap

Yamaha Music Japan conducts 1st Music Course for Instructors

For the first time, Yamaha Music conducted a training course at the Omni Music premises for 'Core Instructors' who would be teaching 'recorder' music. The recorder is a basic instrument originating from the word 'record' which is old English for a bird's tweet. The instrument is very much like our bamboo flute.

Under the leadership of Imai, Head of the Yamaha School Learning Programme, and Kazuo Mizumoto, both of whom traveled to Dhaka from Japan with the express mandate to conduct a 'Core Instructors' course designed to offer music lessons to young school students. The Yamaha visitors made a presentation to the Ministry of Education officials who assured all help and support for the inclusion of this music education as an extra-curricular activity for interested schools.


The object of the training course was to teach interested Bangladeshi musicians, preferably those attached as music teachers in reputable schools, the playing of the recorder as well as to know staff notation, so that they in turn could impart the same to their own young school students from the age of 8 years onwards.

Prior to starting this first course, Imai visited several schools during his visit to Dhaka last July, many of whom showed keen interest to participate in the programme, particularly as a part of their extra-curricular activity. Reputed government and private schools plan to start the 'recorder' teaching programme in their own schools soon. Yamaha hopes that in the coming years, students from many schools would be able to learn to play the 'recorder' through their extra curricular programmes in school. Schools that are interested to participate in this learning programme are requested to contact Omni Music at omni@bangla.net.

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