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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 6 | Issue 36 | September 09, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Funny Feet

Back in school, when I was a 7th grader, every morning used to be pretty hectic. I would wake up late almost everyday, despite my mother's desperate attempts to awaken me, and would rush to get ready and reach school on time. On one such day, somehow, running around with a toothbrush in one hand and a hair band in the other, I managed to get dressed two minutes before eight, and rushed out. When I reached school at eight thirty, I was already very late. My teacher was quite friendly, and she let me in. As I entered, everyone started laughing. All of a sudden, I realised, that they were laughing at me. As I looked down at my feet, the direction everyone was looking in, I turned completely red! While hurrying, I had forgotten to put on my school shoes and ended up wearing the flip flops I wear at home! I decided never to wake up late again!

Sarengi Shahriar
British School of Law, Dhaka

Insect Killing Perfume

It happened about 7 years ago. My father used to live abroad back then. One day, I got to know that my father was going to come back for the holidays. We all became very happy to hear that. That night, when I was studying with my private tutor, he asked me to tell my father to bring a perfume for him. When I spoke to my father, he asked, “Did he mention any specific brand of perfume?” I replied, “No he didn't.” A couple of days later, my father came home with many gifts for me and my family. However, I asked for the perfume first so he gave it to me. It was called 'Hot Shot.' I took that perfume and placed it separately. Next evening my tutor asked me for the perfume after class. I ran and brought him the box, but, accidentally, it had been replaced with an insect killing spray by my brother. But it escaped my notice. Next day he came for the tuition wearing that spray all over. The smell was mild, but I could still recognise it. I could never build up the courage to tell him the truth and apologise because he was a very hot tempered man!

Mahtab Murshed Anik
Independent University Bangladesh, Dhaka

Teacher Rocking out

It was around our 5th period. Our Religious Studies class was about to start. We were all hanging in the corridors but hurried to the class room when we heard the bell ring, because our teacher was really strict. He came inside the class, stared at us and said, “Jara jara mobile nie eshecho tara mobile bair koro (show me your cell phones if you have brought them.)” Nobody listened to him except for me being the coward that I am. To be really honest, there was nothing in the mobile but a lot of heavy metal songs. So I put it on his table and went back to my seat. A couple of minutes later, I saw him putting on his head phones and listening to the songs, and by seeing his face we could tell he was enjoying. So later after the class was over, he gave me my cell phone back and even told me to give him those songs! But he forgot to turn the music off, and we saw that the last song he listening to was 'Put some sugar on me' by Def Leppard! We were completely amazed and a little shocked. And after this incident his classes weren't boring anymore!

Muhammed Ali
Udayan Higher Secondary School, Dhaka.

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