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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 6 | Issue 36 | September 09, 2012 |


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Campus Edibles


Salman Rob
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

"One hot dog with lime please!” is a regular phrase that the Candy Floss waiters get every hour of every day. The legendary local chain has been in the hearts of so many hungry students throughout the past many years. The famous hotdog is a definite favourite for all the ones who are looking for a proper hotdog in the capital. Costing around Tk 60 to 80 depending on whether you are adding cheese on it or not. If you are into cheese try not to miss out on it. A regular Candy Floss consumer would add the cheese in almost all their foods.

Famous for the hotdog, Candy Floss does have some other superb on the go fast foods in their menu. The burger which can be doubled by order is another one of Candy Floss' secret weapons. Since they run out of hotdogs by noon, the burger takes over and the foodies do not tend to complain much. Costing from Tk 90 to 140, the burgers are a must try. The price of the burgers would start at Tk 90 and would increase by the number of patties and cheese you are willing to add into your meal.

The milk shake is another one of their regulars. With the burger and hot dogs (both), the shake is the perfect drink for any sweet tooth. They have a few different types of shakes, and all of them are equally delicious.

Located in Banani, Uttara and Gulshan, Candy Floss has been a one-stop food store for the university students around those areas. Sheikh Imran Kabir, studying Higher National studies at Bangladesh Institute of Management Studies (BIMS) and a regular Candy Floss customer says, “I have been going there since I was only a child. The hotdog and the lime juice are to die for. I have been an avid customer of Candy Floss for that particular combination of flavours for years and I still cannot get over it. The burger is as good, so are the sandwiches, kebab rolls and the other meat patisseries. The freshly squeezed lemon juice with a bit of soda and crushed ice known as 'lime' cannot get any better when you need to beat the heat of summer. The lime is around Tk 20 to 30. All these fast snacks would cost you around Tk 100 to 150 including a drink, and you will come out of the store with a smile.” Kabir adds, “The place is also very well known among the youngsters for their coffee, which has an essence of home made coffees. And, surprisingly, that is what makes it so special.”

The store is also known for its takeaway system where they provide the option for you to call them up and make orders and you can pick up your meal while you are on the go! And no matter how small the stores of Candy Floss are, the warm cosy feeling has been their trend for the past twenty four years and seems like it will be going on for a pretty long time.

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