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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 6 | Issue 34 | August 26, 2012 |


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Star Chat

A Simple Dreamer

Lamia Siddique Mimo
Talks to
Promiti Prova Chowdhury

Credit: Kaushik Iqbal  

I studied at B N School and College in Khulna. Life was fun at school. I was well-known for dancing and no cultural programme would take place without me performing in it! As a student, I was not extra-ordinary though, very surprisingly, I got GPA 5 in both my SSC and HSC examinations. We were a group of five in school -- Shila, Nishi, Tonnee, Tamanna and myself. We used to dance together. There was a mango tree behind the school. We used to climb the tree and have mangoes. It's funny how a tree holds so many memories for the few of us. But that's the thing about school, the smallest things make the best memories.

But life was totally dull in college (classes 11 and 12) which was the Pioneer Girl's College, Khulna. In my second year, I got registered for the talent hunt programme 'Super Hero Super Heroine.' So I could hardly spend time for classes and study. I used to do only those classes which were unavoidable. As I was in the top 10, I had to do shootings regularly even during my HSC exams! I remember the day before my English 2nd paper exam, the shooting for a result episode was taking place and it was live. I requested the authorities to declare my result first. After finishing that episode, I took a bus to Khulna and reached the examination hall the next morning directly from the bus station. So no one thought that I could actually do so well in my HSC exams.

After HSC, I joined Stamford University for a degree in English Literature. I am in my final year now. My faculty members are my best friends here because they are really cooperative and helpful. They understand the busy schedule which I have to go through. For example, they are considerate if I request to email my assignment instead of presenting it in person. Or, they might take my exam in the semester break if my working schedule collides with the exam schedules. As I do not go to university regularly, I do not have many friends there. Moreover, most of the students treat me like a celebrity which I am not very comfortable with. So my teachers are my main inspiration here.

This Eid, I am performing in 12 television plays and some dance shows. Dancing is my passion. I never thought that I would become an actor. I actually wanted to see how I would look on screen while dancing. That way, I came across acting. I dream to become an efficient actor. I also want to pursue higher education in English Literature. For the young people out there I would say, if you want something by heart, you can actually achieve it. If you have enough dedication, you can do multiple tasks at a time.

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