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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 32 | August 12, 2012 |


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Words for Humayun Ahmed

Sarzah Yeasmin

In the memorial of the eminent literateur- Humayun Ahmed, the National Debate Federation of Bangladesh held a debate in Oxford International School on Thursday, August 8, 2012 with the slogan, 'We ought not to cry for the dead, we ought to keep the dead alive through movements.' The debate federation, which is central to the debate movement all over Bangladesh, conducted the debate and discussion on the vibrant life and creative works of Humayun Ahmed. The motion set for the session was 'The contributions of Humayun Ahmed in the world of Bangla Literature'.

Professor Dr Anwar Hossain, the Vice Chancellor of Southeast University, was the key guest for the evening. The initiator of the gathering and the president of National Debate Federation Bangladesh, AKM Shoaib, mentioned that 'Humayun Ahmed has been the Pied Piper of Bangla Literature since the liberation war.' Other guests who paid respects were JM Nizam Uddin, Principal, Oxford International School, along with Professor Dr Amzad Hossain; Tossadek Hossain Babu, chief marketing officer of 'Radio Amar'; Rajib Sarkar, M Abdullah Al Mamun, Mesbah Ahmed Mahadi, Shariful Anwar, Najmul Huda and Fahmida Yeasmin Tania- on behalf of National Debate Federation Bangladesh. Sohanur Rahman Sohan, producer of the programme was also present.

Courtesy: NDFB

The first address to the session was made with an English Parliamentary debate titled 'Access of Information Technology discourages the young generation to read books.' SFX Greenherald International School and Notre Dame College took part in the proceeding. Following this, the most awaited moment of the day began with the exceptional debate showcasing the six celebrated characters created by Humayun Ahmed namely Himu, Rupa, Baker Bhai, Muna and Misir Ali. These characters were brought in the limelight by the finest debaters of the federation.

Embracing the eternal creations of Humayun Ahmed was the main objective of this debate. The enriched faculty of wonder in each of his characters was apparent with the evoked citing of 'Josnar Phul', the story of touch and untouchables. The landmark thoughts of Humayun Ahmed were exhibited -- When it rained flurry drizzles like the vivid glass specks from the monsoon sky, he got nostalgic of his childhood; Misir Ali's reasoning to unfold the myth and mysteries of creation, as soon the shaptami's moon sink down the worldly horizons, darkness will prevail, but somewhere, a ray of light will come flickering from a house in the midst of lone darkness, the spring of light which is virgin to the mankind, the mystery of which is known to the nature; The verses in the tears are never to be hidden; the tears are the mirror to happiness and pride.


The King of Kings

Elita Karim

One of the many interesting elements of this book is the fact that even though Badshaah Naamdar might just remind you of all your history classes from school and might also give you memories of staying up at night, memorising the names of all the Mughal Kings, you simply will not be able to put the book down.

Launched by Annyo Prokash at the Ekushey Boi Mela in 2011, this Humayun Ahmed classic is a fiction-novel based on the life of the great King Akbar. As was his habit of bringing out the glamorous parts of the most negligible elements in society, Ahmed successfully brought out the colours, thoughts and the age-old traditions of the Mughal period in his book. Of course, Humayun Ahmed had done months of research before attempting to write such a novel.

This book might interest you if you like to watch period movies and historical documentaries, if you are the history nerd at school, or if you are just another Humayun Ahmed fan.

Badshaah Naamdar can be found in any book store in the country for Tk 350 (please do check for the purchase amount written inside the book.)

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